Asterikal Ep.6

by BOTprod
Mar 2012 - 270 views

We have been making weekly episodes of riders Cody Gushlaw and Casey Arnold of asterik clothing. This is our first one on newschoolers. So enjoy

Casey arnold

by BOTprod
Mar 2012 - 816 views

Well me and casey planned to film a ton. Unfortunly he got hurt at the 3rd rail jam early season. When he came back we filmed a little then this past weekend at mount snow we filmed a ton. This is what we got. We also entered this for the nike chosen edit

Meehyun Lee

by BOTprod
Apr 2012 - 3.3K views

Meehyun Lee A.K.A Jackie kling had a rough season. This is basicaly all she got to film this year before tearing her ACL.

Casey Arnold 11/12

by BOTprod
Jun 2012 - 534 views

Ok so i decided to re-edit this due to having more shots and other reasons. Casey had a rough year with tearing his PCL at Mtn Creek in early January. We had big plans for filming this year but this injury took him out for a couple weeks. When he came back we managed to film all this and get out to Mount Snow for Carinthia Open comp.

Into The Wild Pt.2

by BOTprod
Apr 2013 - 968 views

Meehyun Kling and I got lost in the woods..... So we decided to make a part 2 of Into The Wild. Becarefull some wierd creatures are in this video...

PA Urban // C. Arnold C. Ferg J.Kling

by BOTprod
Jun 2013 - 1.5K views

With another bad winter in the books this is what the crew came up with. Not nearly as much urban as we planned. Due to lack of snow a lot of our plans were shot down. Well hope you enjoy this quick edit