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Paul Marik - Box Set Full Part

by Unaffiliated
Mar 19th - 600 views

Paul Marik's urban shots while filming for the Unaffiliated Production's movie BOX SET. Filmed by Alex Havey, Seth Leinbach, Zach Lastrilla, Jon Fox, Rayce Ruffing, Ben Albert. Special Thanks to Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Royal Outerwear, Tyrol Basin, Treefort Lifestyles, Les Moise, and everyone that helped out!

Tyrol Tuesdays Vol. 20

by Unaffiliated
Feb 19th - 2.2K views

20th installment from Tyrone's Basement. Thanks to Tyrol Basin, Royal Outerwear, and Vishnu Skis Riders: Sawyer Sellingham, Raz, Conner Ross, Ian King, Ben Leis, Patrick Ring, Ben Albert, Paul Marik, Jake Rickey, Ethan Crispell, Chris Johnson, Drew Patton, Dak, and Cal Carson Filming by: Alex Havey, Patrick Ring, and Zach Peper Edited by: Alex Havey Song: "That Easy" by Yellow Days

Box Set | Movie Trailer

by Unaffiliated
Nov 2018 - 466 views

Filmed over the past few years. Box Set features the riding of Sam Anderson, Paul Marik, Sam Klein, Seth Leinbach, and many many more.. The full movie will be released on November 6th. This project is for Unaffiliated Productions, directed and edited by Alex Havey. Background art courtesy of Jon Fox The song used in this trailer is "600 miles" by The Road Miles

Tyrol Tuesdays Vol. 17

by Unaffiliated
Jan 2018 - 8K views

We had an early start this year in the midwest (at least for park we did) and made the most of it at Tyrol Basin! Skiing: Drew Patton, Patrick Ring, Bryce Benz, Conner Easton, Will Hansen, Chris Johnson, Conner Ross, Brad Wolff, Ethan Crispell, Ryan Rasmussen, Blake Frautschi, Ian King, Alec Nelson, Seth Leinbach, Paul Marik

The Spring Migration

by Unaffiliated
Nov 2017 - 2.3K views

During the Spring months, the Midwest skiers flock to the Mountains of the West in order to satisfy their skiing addiction. Once migrated they must adapt to the harsh nesting conditions of the Oregon forest. Those that survive are rewarded by plentiful sources of shred.

Paul Marik 2017

by Unaffiliated
Nov 2017 - 7.3K views

Paul Marik's park shots from the past year all chopped together in one spot! Filmed by Alex Havey, Nick Schoess, Ryan Ruffing, and Zach Lastrilla. Thanks to: Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Les Moise, Treefort Lifestyles, Doc, and Royal Outerwear

Tyrol Tuesdays Vol. 15

by Unaffiliated
Apr 2017 - 22.4K views

Huge thanks to Josh Faber, Jared Hochmuth, and Zach Nutt for this volume in particular. The setup wouldn't have been possible without these guys! Another big thanks to all of the staff at Tyrol Basin for making yet another amazing season! Can't wait to get back at it next season! Until then, enjoy this and the other volumes to get you stoked for whats to come. -Filmed by Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, Ryan Ruffing, John Arendt, and Jared Hochmuth. -Edited by Alex Havey -Riders: Conner Ross, Jon Fox, John Knopf, Patrick Ring, Drew Patton, Paul Marik, Chris Johnson, Brad Wolff

Tyrol Tuesdays Vol. 13

by Unaffiliated
Mar 2017 - 15.1K views

This is the longest and heaviest Tyrol Tuesday to date and couldn't have been possible without the help of the Vishnu team as well as a quick stop by Will Wesson and Andy Parry as they were passing through Wisconsin. Big thanks to Josh and Andy from tyrol for making all of this possible for us to do! As well as the amazing park crew of course, none of this would be possible without those guys! -Riders include: Dylan Manley, Emmett Davis, Kysen Hall, Luke Roberts, Parviz Faiz, Kale Cimperman, Chris Johnson, Ryan Rasmussen, Tommy, Matt P'ng, Blake Frautschi, Paul Marik, Andy Parry, Patrick Ring, Drew Patton, and Will Wesson. -Ending segment riders include: Ryan Rasmussen, Mitch Jensen, Paul Marik, and Patrick Ring. -Songs: "Always Then" by The KVB, "The Death Set" by Moon Duo, and "Dark Allies" by Light Asylum. -Filmed by Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, and Seth Leinbach. -Edited by Alex Havey Unaffiliated Productions, Royal Outerwear, Vishnu Skis, Line Skis, Doc X Energizing Drink

Tyrol Tuesdays Vol. 12

by Unaffiliated
Feb 2017 - 10.5K views

What would the Midwest be without a tow rope.. Captured and cut by Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, and Seth Leinbach Riders: Patrick Ring, Drew Patton, Ian King, Jake Rybarczyk, Seth Leinbach, Paul Marik Crew Hoodies -->

Tyrol Tuesdays Vol. 10

by Unaffiliated
Jan 2017 - 3.7K views

The series continues with Volume 10.. Captured and cut by Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, and Seth Leinbach. Song - "I Don't Want It" by The Black Cult Riders: Conner Ross, John Arendt, Patrick Ring, Ryan Rasmussen, Ryan Bennett, Rayce Ruffing, Seth Leinbach, Paul Marik, and Matt P'ng

Paul Marik - TORN

by Unaffiliated
Nov 2016 - 5.6K views

Didn't hit urban last season... Oops! These are some of my favorite shots to make up for it. Filming by Ryan Ruffing, Zach Lastrilla, Seth Leinbach, Alex Havey, and Carter Allen. Thanks to Full Tilt Boots, Les Moise, Doc, Treefort Lifestyles, Royal Outerwear, Unaffiliated Productions, NorthPull Winches, and Line Unaffiliated Productions: fb:

Unaffiliated Ep 6: A Search for Snow

by Unaffiliated
Apr 2016 - 3.2K views

Finale of our 15-16 season: Season in Wisconsin is over, so we traveled to Houghton, Michigan and Colorado over our spring break. Check out the full Michigan segment:

Unaffiliated Ep 5: Local's Only

by Unaffiliated
Mar 2016 - 6.6K views

Local Hill Tyrol Basin killing the park set-up despite a horrible Midwest winter. Filmed by: Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, Seth Leinbach, Ryan Ruffing, Paul Marik Edit by: Seth Leinbach, Alex Havey Music: Small Professor - Let me drop it like this, let me drop it like this Ivan Aves - Moves Coffee Pot - Disco Hell

Unaffiliated Pilot

by Unaffiliated
Sep 2015 - 4.5K views

Here is a recap edit of our webseries last year, "Mountainless". We propose to do another urban skiing webseries this season. The money from this contract will go toward buying a winch, traveling to more unique locations, and expanding our riders list. Vote for us in the NS Pilot Contest!

Mountainless - Crashes

by Unaffiliated
Sep 2015 - 987 views

Some of the crashes we took while filming our Mountainless webseries. If you want to see the shots landed, click the link below to see our season recap!

Mountainless - Capitol

by Unaffiliated
May 2015 - 1.5K views

Edited by Seth Leinbach Filmed by Seth Leinbach, Ryan Ruffing, Zach Lastrilla, and crew Skiing by Seth Leinbach, Paul Marik, Conner Ross, Brad Wolff, Cody Larson, Matt Kaye

Mountainless - "Bedrock"

by Unaffiliated
Apr 2015 - 1.8K views

Riders: Paul Marik, Jon Fox, Seth Leinbach, Conner Ross, Carter Allen, Rayce Ruffing Edited by: Ryan Ruffing Filmed by: Seth Leinbach and Ryan Ruffing Additional filming by: Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, Paul Marik

Mountainless - "Base"

by Unaffiliated
Mar 2015 - 2K views

Mountainless Episode 1 including our preseason urban adventures throughout Wausau Wisconsin. Produced by Unaffiliated Productions Edited by: Seth Leinbach Filmed by: Seth Leinbach and Ryan Ruffing Additional filming by: Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, Paul Marik

"MOUNTAINLESS" Webseries Teaser

by Unaffiliated
Mar 2015 - 1K views

Directed by Seth Leinbach, Paul Marik, Ryan Ruffing Cinematography by Seth Leinbach, Ryan Ruffing, Paul Marik, Zach Lastrilla Editing by Seth Leinbach, Ryan Ruffing Thanks to DOC 360, Newschoolers, Les Moise, Royal Outerwear, K2 Skis

Tyrol Tuesday Ep. 3

by Unaffiliated
Mar 2015 - 780 views

The crew gettin it at good ol' Tyrone's Basement. Song - "Never Die" by Madchild Captured and cut by Ryan Ruffing, Seth Leinbach, Alex Havey, and Unaffiliated Productions

Year Round 2013-14

by Unaffiliated
Feb 2015 - 1.8K views

Unaffiliated presents their second film, 'Year Round', capturing the crew throughout the 13-14 season as they ski and snowboard the Midwest and Mt. Hood Oregon.

Tyrol Tuesday Ep. 2

by Unaffiliated
Jan 2015 - 5.3K views

The second installment of the Tyrol Tuesday series featuring Alec Nelson, Andy O'Connell, Ian King, Ben Howell, and Paul Marik

Tyrol Tuesday Ep. 1

by Unaffiliated
Jan 2015 - 9.2K views

First skiing installment of the Tyrol Tuesday series featuring Conner Ross, Seth Leinbach, Paul Marik, Alex Havey, Andy O'Conell, Sam Kleppe, Jared Hochmuth, and Everett Lund.