Elan Maj 12-13

by Unaffiliated
Jun 2013 - 3.1K views

The final season in the midwest , deemed the yolo season. Venturing into the streets for the first time, traveling all over wisconsin and making the best of a midwest winter. Elan Maj's best shots of the 12-13 winter.

Paul Marik - 12/13 Season Edit

by Unaffiliated
Aug 2013 - 10.1K views

Paul Marik's 12/13 season. Special thanks to Les Moise and K2 Skis. Filmed by Zach Lastrilla, Seth Leinbach, Ryan Ruffing, Matt Kretzschmar, Louis Holian, Braden Just, and Matt P'ng. Edited by Seth Leinbach.

It Could Be Worse

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Nov 2013 - 6.5K views

It's official! Here is our movie premiere, "It Could Be Worse", for your viewing pleasure. Tons of hard-work was put into filming, skiing, and editing this movie. We hope you enjoy it!

December in the Park

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Jan 2014 - 2.1K views

What the crew managed to get on film in the month of December. Elan came back from utah for break and some of the crew spent the weekend at granite. Filmed in two days over Christmas Break enjoy!

2014 Hoofers Rail Jam

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Mar 2014 - 1.2K views

DOC 360 presents the 5th Annual Hoofer Rail Jam on Observatory Hill. Sixty riders from around the Midwest gathered to compete and throw their best tricks in what is regarded as one of the biggest rail jams in the Midwest area. Thanks again to our sponsors: Doc 360, Virtika Outerwear, Focus Boardshop, Unaffiliated Productions, Tyrol Basin, the Associated Students of Madison and the Wisconsin Union

The Basics // Rayce Ruffing

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Jun 2014 - 5.4K views

The most basic park skier from the Midwest. He has the basic jumps, rails and style on lock. Check out what he got done this season 13-14 filming around Wisconsin and a week out west.

Year Round 2013-14

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Feb 2015 - 1.9K views

Unaffiliated presents their second film, 'Year Round', capturing the crew throughout the 13-14 season as they ski and snowboard the Midwest and Mt. Hood Oregon.

Tyrol Tuesday Ep. 3

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Mar 2015 - 780 views

The crew gettin it at good ol' Tyrone's Basement.
Song - "Never Die" by Madchild
Captured and cut by Ryan Ruffing, Seth Leinbach, Alex Havey, and Unaffiliated Productions

"MOUNTAINLESS" Webseries Teaser

by Unaffiliated
Mar 2015 - 1K views

Directed by Seth Leinbach, Paul Marik, Ryan Ruffing
Cinematography by Seth Leinbach, Ryan Ruffing, Paul Marik, Zach Lastrilla
Editing by Seth Leinbach, Ryan Ruffing
Thanks to DOC 360, Newschoolers, Les Moise, Royal Outerwear, K2 Skis

Mountainless - "Base"

by Unaffiliated
Mar 2015 - 2K views

Mountainless Episode 1 including our preseason urban adventures throughout Wausau Wisconsin.
Produced by Unaffiliated Productions
Edited by: Seth Leinbach
Filmed by: Seth Leinbach and Ryan Ruffing
Additional filming by: Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, Paul Marik

Mountainless - "Bedrock"

by Unaffiliated
Apr 2015 - 1.9K views

Riders: Paul Marik, Jon Fox, Seth Leinbach, Conner Ross, Carter Allen, Rayce Ruffing
Edited by: Ryan Ruffing
Filmed by: Seth Leinbach and Ryan Ruffing
Additional filming by: Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, Paul Marik

Mountainless - Capitol

by Unaffiliated
May 2015 - 1.5K views

Edited by Seth Leinbach
Filmed by Seth Leinbach, Ryan Ruffing, Zach Lastrilla, and crew
Skiing by Seth Leinbach, Paul Marik, Conner Ross, Brad Wolff, Cody Larson, Matt Kaye