Garrett Whaley '14

by garrett.w
Apr 2014 - 1.5K views

My 2014 Season Edit. Big thanks to Timmy Scolaro for editing, and Faction Skis, Frosty Headwear, and Nuun Propaganda for all the help. Had a lot of fun, can't wait for next season

garrett whaley 2017

by garrett.w
Jul 2017 - 4.1K views

it was a fun one.
Shadowplay - Joy Division
Bones - Sodium
thx for filming,
joe fusare
cam willis
ryan funke
ben naylor
robby Sullivan

also thx to everyone at Carinthia

makin the move to Utah in 2 weeks

bye east coast


by garrett.w
Aug 2018 - 1.1K views

featuring: Garrett Whaley, Cal Carson, Kevin Bane, Charlie Scott, Andrew Egan. shots from my hvx200 this past season. edited by me. filmed by everyone in the vid. more to come.

Hood Armour

by garrett.w
Sep 2018 - 940 views

May Pass. Sam Gnoza, Garrett Whaley, Andrew Egan, Aj Lefebvre, Kevin Bane, Joe Fusare. Edited by Sam Gnoza @gnoza_content

simple process

by garrett.w
May 2019 - 932 views

Camped and skied at Timberline for 2 weeks. You can't charge a camera in the woods so we didn't film much, here it is. Major thank you to Zig Zag Cafe. skiers:…