Klaus "Zero G's" | S01E01 | 12 January 2012

by InspiredMedia
Jan 2012 - 6.5K views

Getting air has been a part of skiing since the sport started. This premier episode of 'KLAUS' will feature amazing skiing from Matt Walker, Charlie Lasser, Torin Yater-Wallace, Duncan Adams, Kelly Selby, The ATA and more. Geoff Stump is set to direct Klaus Obermeyer in the first Inspired Media webisode, but Klaus is too busy chasing that "Zero G" feeling to come to the TV studio.

The B & E Show "BEing" | S02E01 | 15 January 2012

by InspiredMedia
Jan 2012 - 12.5K views

Peace, In this Episode, BEing, The B&E takes you thru their early season of skiing the park at Mammoth Mountain. Inspired by Life, deep rooted with Love for Freeskiing and driven by progression, The B&E updates their repertoire with this episode and offers new tricks, styles & ways to ride the park. The song used in this episode is a old-school hip hop track with a jazzy groove from Digable Planets album Reachin (A New Refutation Of Time And Space) 1994, filled with freshness, witch is why it was chosen. Enjoy our 8th Episode- BEing

Minnesota Represent Show "Minnesconsin" | S02E01 | 26 January 2012

by InspiredMedia
Jan 2012 - 3K views

The Minnesota Represent Show presents the premiere show of season 2 titled "Minnesconsin". We traveled to Trollhaugen, Powder Ridge and Hyland Hills to shoot and ski at some of the best terrain parks with some of the best skiers from Minnesota. At Trollhaugen hang with pro skiers Mike Hornbeck and Ahmet Dadali while they host and coach the Hornbeck Hillbilly Hoopla annual ski camp in conjunction with Summit boardshop. Then at Powder Ridge "Skier Steve" Janisch explains a bit about the inspiration for the event he dubbed the Master Shredder. We finish the show off with a standard ski action segment from Hyland Hills. We try out some new angles with a go pro, let us know what you think! Featuring Bill Kelly, Kory Kirby, Willie Borm, Michael Hibbs, Zack Mertz and many more. Produced by Matt Koskinen. For more info on the show visit

downdays NEWS | S02E09 | 7 February 2012

by InspiredMedia
Feb 2012 - 2K views

A full wrap up of the European free ski scene including Freeride World Tour, AFP rankings, Injury updates, Upcoming events, a check out of Elans new triple base technology and Kiwi charger Neil Williman jumps on the couch to talk about Sean stepping up from the Freeride World Qualifiers into the big league that the the Freeride World Tour.

Klaus "No Bad Days" | S01E02 | 9 February 2012

by InspiredMedia
Feb 2012 - 10.7K views

Breaking the femur in one's leg can end an athlete's career. But, when 92 year old Klaus Obermeyer did it last ski season, he turned the rehab into a fun experience and was determined to get back on skis this season. Of course he succeeded, because Klaus finds joy in all life's experiences and he doesn't have bad days.

Cos We Can "So It Goes" | S01E01 | 15 February 2012

by InspiredMedia
Feb 2012 - 4K views

Billabong surfer Felicity Palmateer is 19 years old and currently ranked no. 19 on the World Qualifying Series. Her Dad noticed her determination to surf at the age of four. Her passion hasn't faded.  Like any professional sportsperson she is constantly trying to keep her competitive edge - juggling constant travel for contests, training and representing a brand - all in the media spotlight. It's not easy. So It Goes explores these pressures through Felicity's thoughts and gives viewers a little insight into the mind of an elite athlete, what they have to deal with and how they manage to keep on keeping on.

The B & E Show "BE conscious" | S02E02 | 17 February 2012

by InspiredMedia
Feb 2012 - 41.3K views

Peace. In this episode the B&E ''Conscious'' takes you thru the wildness chamber using their vocal cords to transport you their past 2 months of living and their current state of mind. Dedicated to skiing they bring you a little deeper underneath and higher up in their time & energy use & focus. Giving Thanks for life , Inspired Forever.

Klaus "Lucky" | S01E03 | 8 March 2012

by InspiredMedia
Mar 2012 - 8.3K views

What was skiing like when 92 years old Klaus Obermeyer was a young man? Not too different. Klaus competed for the title of "Ski Meister," the best all around skier. Today he marvels at the great young skiers and snowboarders and encourages all kids to "ride" the mountains.

Rush Sturges "Tribe Rider" | S01E01 | 14 March 2012

by InspiredMedia
Mar 2012 - 4.8K views

Tribe Riders introduces you to professional kayaker Rush Struges. This show is a highlight reel of Rush's 2011 season. Tribe Riders and Rush will be producing 2 more shows this season on Inspired TV! We thought this re-release of his highlight reel would be a great introduction to Rush and the sport of kayaking.

downdays NEWS | S02E10 | 13 March 2012

by InspiredMedia
Mar 2012 - 2.8K views

In this news bulletin we recap the latest competition results from the US Freeskiing Grand Prix in Mammoth Mountain, California and Freeride World Tour stop in Røldal, Norway, along with a look at what the Headbud and Pickings Fam have been up to.

'The Idahomiez Show' Ep. 2 "Livin' the Dream"

by InspiredMedia
Mar 2012 - 12K views

In this episode, The Idahomiez shred pow, send it deep in the mountains and sooth their souls at a secluded back country hot spring! Pow pow supreme! Featuring Brandon Becker, Martin Campbell, Steven Becker, the Holt Bros, and Tristan McClaran, with special guests Ben Moxham and Ricky Bates!

Gpsy Show "Les Mathématiques" | S01E01 | 22 March 2012

by InspiredMedia
Mar 2012 - 12.6K views

A young and talented team from Val d'Isère, France, GPSY Feelin has the ambition and the wishes to offer the public a unique style of freeski video inspired by the core milieu of skateboarding and snowboarding. The GPSY Feelin crew is presently recognised as the leader of an underground movement in Europe and for their first Inspired TV Show, the crew comes back on their last 5 years. They bring you a clear view of what they have accomplished, what inspired them and what has been done this season. A second episode is expected for the end of the season "Gpsy Day" but for now on, seat back and enjoy the first Inspired Euro Crew episode.

MN REP SHOW 2.2 "Power of the Bear"

by InspiredMedia
Mar 2012 - 5.9K views

The Minnesota Represent Show 2.2 "Power of the Bear". Shot on location at Spirit Mountain, Elm Creek and a hand rail. Featuring Michael Hibbs, Kory Kirby, Trevin Olson, Kyle Schenkelberg, Steve Janisch, Paddy Flanagan and Seamus Flanagan.

The Irie Indians Show S01 E02

by InspiredMedia
Apr 2012 - 16.8K views

The Irie Indians Show is a freeski/snowboard show starring the WFP familia, a crew from Quebec City, Canada. In this second episode follow the young skier Emile Bergeron through the begining of his season and his trip to Colorado. Also featuring a few of his brothers such as Yan Bussieres, Frank GP, Antoine Choquette, Guillaume Desroches and D-Team newcomer athlete Gab Boudreau!!!

downdays NEWS | S02E12 | 18 Apr. 2012

by InspiredMedia
Apr 2012 - 2.7K views

In this episode we take a look at the Jon Olsson Invitational, a full wrap up of the Suzuki Nine Knight from Mottolino fun mountain in Livigno Italy and dive into the nasty debate of F.I.S. vs the world of free skiing and snowboarding.

The B&E Show "BE TnT" | S02E03 | 26 April 2012

by InspiredMedia
Apr 2012 - 62.2K views

Peace. In this 10th episode "BE TnT", the B&E takes you through their latest life & skiing adventures, from the craziness of the competition scene, moving swiftly through the woods of Blackomb and flashing by slushy Mammoth Mountain. They link and ski with mastermind's Tanner "T-HALL" Hall & Chris "TurpMcGirt" Turpin to create their dream course and share good times. Style & Flow.

MN REP SHOW 2.3 "Nybora Team Freestyle"

by InspiredMedia
May 2012 - 6.2K views

On this episode of The Minnesota Represent Show we take a look at Nybora Freestyle Ski Team based out of Hyland Hills in Bloomington, Minnesota. Established in 1991, Nybora Freestyle has had over 450 kids go through the program from the early days of moguls, ballet, and aerials to the newschool freestyle skiing we see today. The show features scenes from the forthcoming full-length documentary on the team "Dodge Birds, Not Sticks" releasing in 2012. Follow for more info on the Nybora and Dodge Birds, Not Sticks.

Downdays News | S02E14 | May 31 2012

by InspiredMedia
May 2012 - 4.3K views

n this episode we take a look at the Sammy Carlson Invitation, what's on the agenda for the 2012 F.I.S. Congress in Korea, Checkout Summer Camps in Europe as well as a look at what fresh edits have dropped, we checkout what the Headbud & Pickings Fam have been upto and then Basti Farber and Pius Schneider jump on to the couch for Balmers Laid Night to spill the beans on the new Freeski-Crew movie project titled Dynamite.

Irie Indians Show | S01 E03

by InspiredMedia
Jun 2012 - 9.5K views

Follow the Quebexicans Irie Indians through the Summer in Lac-Beauport!! Is this episode the homies go training at the Water ramps and Freeski Pioneer Louis Larose gives us a wakeboard lesson! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR FOR SEASON #2!!! IRIE! INSPIRED!

The Idahomiez Show - Episode 3

by InspiredMedia
Jun 2012 - 3.1K views

In this episode, Idahomiez Tristan McClaran and Jesse Murphy take on the class 5 features on the north fork of the payette river in the north fork championship. Jeremy mcglathery and Brandon Becker get dirty on the mountain bikes at jug mountain.

SnowChasers Episode 2: Summer Months

by InspiredMedia
Jul 2012 - 3.4K views

After months of deliberation, scheduling issues, and you're standard horrible PNW weather, Tyler and I are able to update everybody with a little short to start off the summer. This will be the first of three summer and fall webisodes that will focus on Washington and everything it has to offer. For this webisode we focused on a little wakeboarding down at beautiful Lake Tapps, WA where Tyler lives. We grabbed a few of the guys from around the lake to come out with us including Tyler's cousin Ricky Ceccanti and Lake Tapps local Robbie Dahlquist. We ended up having a brief sun break for a day and compiled some great shots of the guys, the area, and Mt. Rainer; Enjoy! Songs: Wiz Khalifa - When I'm Gone off the Album Rolling Papers Yelawolf - Let's Roll off the Album Radioactive