Samwallot's Videos

SATVRNE | Full Movie

by Samwallot
Nov 2018 - 1.5K views

Our latest movie release, shot during winter 2017-2018. Mini-DV tapes recording skiing by the buldoz boys in the streets and backcountry of Switzerland.

FPV | MAUNA KEA drone followcams

by Samwallot
Apr 2018 - 421 views

The Mauna Kea big air invitational by Carlos Gerber took place at the central park and camps in thyon last saturday. The whole concept of the thing simply was to the steeziest riders from Switzerland and have them send on a huge kicker.
As I couldn’t send it on my skis I thought it might be cool to give it a try from the air.

SSSS Simple Spring Skiing by Sampo

by Samwallot
Feb 2018 - 10.5K views

I tore my ACL just over a week ago, and that made me realise how much skiing means to me. Especially now that I know I will have to suffer 6 long months of pain and sweat to work my way back.
I wanted to create an edit that shows how good skiing is, an edit that makes you feel love towards skiing as you watch it. Maybe it will, maybe it wont. At least I enjoyed that spring skiing in Mammoth and that month I spent in the USA was probably one of the most memorable ones of my entire life.
I hope I will spread some love with this cut, until then enjoy skiing for me until I come back.


by Samwallot
Jan 2018 - 2.3K views

A short movie gathering footage we collected last season with Lucas Howald and myself.
Some street, pow and park, enjoy !

R&B G3000

by Samwallot
Nov 2017 - 7.4K views

I had to test out my new Dji Ronin on the snow so I asked Sampo Vallotton and Laurent De Martin if I could film them for a couple of runs. Thanks to the glacier…

Superunknown XIV recap Sampo Vallotton

by Samwallot
May 2017 - 10.2K views

Dear internet people, I present you here my Level 1 Superunknown Edit. Even tho I was sick for the last part of the week I still managed to get a couple shots from the first three days. I hope you will enjoy what you see and sorry for the color grading I still need to work on my skills for that.

Buldoz IV // Black or White CMA

by Samwallot
Mar 2015 - 780 views

Sampo joined the crew as his ACL teared knee got stronger.
This is us tryina stomp creative tricks and steeze in this rock grooved edit.
All black and white with slow-motionnized swooshs.

Buldoz I

by Samwallot
Sep 2014 - 585 views

First video of us #buldoz #worlddomination . Our gypsylife is better than your mom's tits. Enjoy please and go get a beer.