Park Killaz | Jake Whalen

by Kretzschmar
Jan 2012 - 1.4K views

Nothing too special I know. Editing software has been screwed up lately so I i did the best i could which basically meant i could put clips and music together. Jake just doing some laps at GP

FIAT Nine Knights 2013 | Rail Edit

by Kretzschmar
Apr 2013 - 2.2K views

Over half a meter of new snow in Livigno made the Big Air contest impossible for the final day of the FIAT Nine Knights, so a Jib Contest was held instead. Roy Kittler reigned supreme on the rad jib features of 'Il Castello', with Henrik Harlaut in second and Fabio Studer third.


by Kretzschmar
Jun 2013 - 3.7K views

Clips from 2012. Chopped & Screwed: Michael Clarke Filming: Michael Clarke Harrison Cole Legs Of Steel (Hurt So Good) Locations: Anchorage, AK Mammoth, CA Keystone, CO Austria Special thanks to: NIKE Nate Abbott Jake Largess Paul Thacker Michael Clarke Harrison Cole LOS boys Bruce & Stacey Wells Sponsors: Atomic Nike Monster Oakley Air New Zealand Cardrona Alpine Resort

Best of Winter 2013

by Kretzschmar
Jun 2013 - 1.2K views

Edit of our season in Mammoth. Featuring Chris Logan, Scott Donahue, Nick Miles, Parker White, Kevin Malone, Paul Bergeron, Nolan Willard, Stu Halverson, and Sean Logan

Korasaurus Flex

by Kretzschmar
Jun 2013 - 969 views

I spent some time this past winter filming in Montana and Utah with my good buddy Kory Kirby. This kid was out from surgery on his meniscus until february and still managed to come back put together this solid 4 minute season edit.

Windells | Session 1, 2013 Summer Ski Camp

by Kretzschmar
Jun 2013 - 594 views

The summer season is here! Blue skies, tons of snow, fresh features, and jump lines for days. What more do you need? After an incredible week with the APO Team, it's easy to say that the good vibes of Session 1 will stick around all summer long. Let's keep it going!

TBT: JOSS 09 Team 'Murica

by Kretzschmar
Jul 2013 - 1.5K views

Just in time for Throwback Thursday, fuck a repost if it is but i searchbarred and found nothing. anyways enjoy this dope as fuck throwback edit from JOSS featuring Tom and Simon.


by Kretzschmar
Aug 2013 - 1K views

They make every day use of the useless. Produced and directed by Gabriel Carrier Principal cinematography by Gabriel Carrier and Alex Miglierina Graphic design by Renaud Delisle Supported by Maeva surf PRFO boardshop Newschoolers 33mag Follow them on facebook: ©Streetnation Media

Dylan Ferguson: Aerialist and Park Shredder

by Kretzschmar
Sep 2013 - 5.2K views

From Dylan's Vimeo: Take a look as I spend the 2012-13 season not just representing the US Freestyle Ski Team on the Aerials World Cup tour, but on the slopes of some of my favorite mountains skiing with some of my best friends. The only one in my discipline to cross over into the freeskiing community, my style is different from any other skier in the world. I am fortunate to be able to take some time to kick back and get some killer park shots with my homies throughout my busy season. Spreading the mahalo vibes while pursuing my dreams of capturing an Olympic Gold Medal in Sochi 2014, the mountains of Park City, UT are my playground. 3x US National Aerials Champion. #4 in the world. Big ups to my sponsors for their continued support. Columbia. Volkl. Marker. Full Tilt. Bern. Go Pro. Spy. 4bi9 Media.

Jon Olsson Still Has It

by Kretzschmar
Mar 2014 - 8.8K views

Double on a park jump at age 31? Team Betsafe's own Jon Olsson went to Tandådalen, Sweden, in last December to do just that. There were some nerves after not having done a big jump for a while, but everything went smoothly and we were able to capture this amazing footage of Jon in the air.

Tom Wallisch - Open season at PCMR

by Kretzschmar
Mar 2014 - 10.6K views

After a hectic freeski season and competing on an injured knee, Monster Energy freeskier Tom Wallisch found some time at his home resort of Park City in Utah to stack some footage before he underwent season-ending surgery. Watch as he displays why, even at half speed, he's still the best in the game.

Putin Would Hate This Gay Powder Skiing. You'll Love It | Likebomb Skiing, Ep. 3

by Kretzschmar
Sep 2014 - 1.8K views

After two episodes riding shitfuck snow and deep pow, the Likebomb Crew wanted something different. They picked up telemark freeskier Per Johsson and travelled to the upmarket hippy town of Nelson, BC. From there, they struck out into the pristine Canadian backcountry. Out in that great wilderness they found amazing snow and terrain, but they also found something else...they found each other. This is a story about the beauty of loving powder and the beauty of loving another man. Well, okay, it's actually a comment on the way sex is used to sell merchandise combined with a good natured parody of Brokeback Mountain. but either way it's an awesome video. Putin Would Hate This Gay Powder Skiing. You'll Love It | Likebomb Skiing, Ep. 3

Mr. Bishop's TBar Interview

by Kretzschmar
Dec 2014 - 1.4K views

A tbar interview with High North Ski Camp's head digger Doug Bishop done by glacier correspondent Dan Kellar. Shot on location at high north ski camp on Horstman glacier at Whistler in the summer of 2007.