TENT Clothing-Shoot in Saas-Fee

by steadyprod
Nov 2011 - 1.3K views

At the end of October 2011 the TENT Clothing Team and the steady productions decided to make a park-shoot in Saas Fee. With the help of the Shapers we managed to organise a shooting over a massiv 18 meter Gap-kicker. Here is the edit we came up with! Enjoy! Riders: Mathieu Hulliger, Alain Jenni, Nick Fehr, Damien Jäger, Carlo Michel, Jonathan Rousselle, Markus Mathis Shot and edited by: Kevin Hauser Playlist: In for the Kill ? La Roux like -> suscribe -> Thanks for the support:

TENT Clothing shoot in Chatel

by steadyprod
Apr 2012 - 143 views

At the end of March Tent Clothing and steady productions got the opportunity to shoot in the snowpark of châtel. Big thanks for building us the nice jump and for the snowcat transport during the shooting. We collected some sick footage and had a great time. Enjoy the show! :D

Saas-Fee Summerpark 2012 July

by steadyprod
Aug 2012 - 377 views

This year, the summerpark in Saas-Fee is on another level! 7 kickers, one big superpipe and tonnes of rails is what you get to play. In this episode you can see the big kicker line and the rails, including some footage of the world best riders who competed at the Saas-Fee Ride! As you can see it?s damn fun up there, so come and shred with us! :) Stay tuned for the next episode!

Snowpark Gstaad

by steadyprod
Feb 2013 - 547 views

The TENT and Steady-team enjoyed some really nice days in the Snowpark Gstaad. During the nights we often got tonnes of powder but the park was always in good shape! Thanks to the motivated and creative shape crew!

Saas-Fee Summerpark 2013 - Autumn

by steadyprod
Oct 2013 - 940 views

This year the Summerpark in Saas-Fee offers perfect training conditions. That's why the world best athletes came here to improve their rail, jump or pipe skills! A perfect shaped park and a lot of fun every day! :D

Saas-fee Summerpark 2014 - OpeningDay

by steadyprod
Aug 2014 - 682 views

This year the summerpark in Saas-Fee offers some new creative and challenging jib features. Have fun with this little edit from the opening day! :D The full video will be released at the 24th of August! Riders: Nando Lehmann, Yves Müller, Jeremy Rudaz, Marinho Meyer, Carlo Michel

Saas-fee Summerpark 2014 - August

by steadyprod
Aug 2014 - 1.2K views

Like every summer, the snowpark is in top shape and damn fun to ride. The big kickerline is perfectly built so that you have enough speed the whole day! :) Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad in Switzerland, so we couldn?t get as much shots as last year. If you like big kickers, halfpipe or creative rails, Saas-fee is definitely the place to be this summer! Riders: Andri Ragettli, Christian Wälchli, Philippe Guggisberg, Klaus Gerber, Kai Mahler, Mathieu Hulliger, Jonas Hunziker, Marinho Meyer, Till Matti, Nico Martin, Jeremy Rudaz, Cyrill Hunziker, Joel Gisler, Flavio Lardelli, Thomas Kigle, Carlo Michel, Yves Müller