Alex Zastre Age 12 11/12 Saeson edit

Jun 2012 - 791 views

This was my second season of park and was a great one and couldnt have been made successful without my best friend, filmer and editor Bailey Berger. So shoutout to him and all my homies up grouse. Hope you enjoy my edit. No hating just feedbaqck

A Chill Fall Tramp Sesh

Nov 2012 - 361 views

Just a chill day hitting the tramp. Not trying anything new just a chill day with good people, a good vibe and some good style. Hope you enjoy. Shoutout ti Vancouver Area Ski Gang watch for their season edits this year.

Austin & Duncan//Vibe

Apr 2013 - 1.3K views

A sick edit shot while up at seymour for Canadian Shield. Thanks to Stirling Peters for editing it. Filmed by Sterling Peters and Alex Zastre.

Alex Zastre 12/13

Apr 2013 - 5.2K views

I just turned 14 and here's Some shots from this season. Didn't get as much filming done as I would've liked but the shots I did get I'm really happy with.

A Weekend With Gucci Mane

May 2013 - 2.2K views

Hope you like fire cuz geuss what THERE'S FIRE!!! Gucci Mane from Flamingo Gang headed up to grouse and Whistler this weekend and here's what we got from all the shots.

Gucci Mane 2012/13

Jun 2013 - 1.4K views

Dope Season with the Homiez. only got like 3 weeks of filming in but I compiled my shots and this is what came out. Remember Flamingo Gang or Die oh and shouts to all the Homiez. ENJOY!!!!

Louis Ferguson// Raw

Dec 2013 - 2.4K views

Louis' style may not be perfect, but that's just the way we like it, His balls to the wall, Huck and hope mentality was embodied in this edit, which gives a raw look at what happens when you spend a night with Louis Ferguson

ACT Mid-Season

Mar 2014 - 1.3K views

Señor Crickmore-Thompson threw down so far this season, as per usual it was all documented on camera and we decided to make a little edit showcasing his best shots so far. Enjoy!