A Season Cut Short

Feb 2013 - 1.7K views

I broke my collar bone in december, waited 6 weeks and came back on snow febuary 1st. Febuary 13th i bebroke it. These are the shots i got while i could ski.

Freeskiing // The Documentary

Apr 2014 - 10.7K views

This is my Senior Documentary that I chose to make on Freeskiing. Tried to go into the topics about Freeskiing that are most relative to my skiing specifically. Hope you like it!

Scullymon East Coast

Mar 2015 - 4K views

Came East to film some Urban with 860media for our movie this year. Was fortunate enough to be able to FIlm a couple days at Sugarbush, Loon and Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow. Unfortunately I wasnt able to get much filming done on Jumps due to some classic east coast conditions however I was able to get some jump shots from the Carinthia Open. BIg thanks to for having me up to Loon for the Newschoolers gathering and getting me some shots.


Jun 2015 - 10.8K views

Been living at Mt Hood for the month of may. Got to do a little bit of filming with some homies of mine, check out what came of it.

Scullymon 2K15

Dec 2015 - 4K views

Was very fortunate to have one of the best seasons of my life last year. Started off filming street for a good chunk of the season. Got to building some features in the Back Country with Lupe Hagearty and some friends in the spring, and capped off the season at Carinthia Parks for their spring parkshoot. Can not thank everyone who helped me make this possible this season enough. Cheers!

Mount Snow Minute

Jan 2016 - 1.2K views

Got to film a little bit with Chris Dejohn at Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow early this December. Snow was a little bit slim but Mount Snow Killed it with the cards they were delt. Check it out hope you enjoy!

Scullymon // Rehab

Jan 2019 - 1.5K views

Life is beautiful, yet delicate. A year ago yesterday, I did some filming at Keystone with Scott Klumb, and after a super productive morning got unlucky with a trick I am comfortable with and shattered my knee cap. Looking back now after a year, two surgeries, and a ton of time spent with only myself and my own thoughts I am not bitter. Life has its ways of telling you things, and teaching you lessons. This past year has been one of the biggest periods of growth for me. I have had time to focus on myself, and prioritize other projects besides skiing in my life. So here is to good health, and making the best out of difficult situations.

Filming: Scott Klumb, Owen Dahlberg
Editing: Kirk Scully, Andis Solomon
Song: Rehab, Amy Winehouse