6 Seconds

by DBL
Jul 2013 - 285 views

Gnar transfer to rail from december! Filmed by Nic Houghton, edited by Kyle Coxworth

DBL // Mid Season

by DBL
Feb 2014 - 661 views

The best shots that I got from the first half of the season. Ontario has had surprisingly good season snow wise this year, the park at Brim has definitely benifited, come out to ride!

Diced Potatoes DBL 13//14

by DBL
Apr 2014 - 2.9K views

Self edit of my 2013/2014 season! Got the opportunity to film a half decent amount of times this year, learning something new every time. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

DBL 15-16 season edit

by DBL
Nov 2016 - 1.1K views

Recap of my season, had the most fun skiing ever this year!
Too man filmers to name so thanks to the ladies and gents who got behind the lens!
Thanks for watching!