Chris Weir 2011 Redone

by Weird_Tofer
Aug 2011 - 1.7K views

Didnt get a lot of filming done this season. next season will be much better. mainly remade the edit to elarn how to use color corrector and practice editing. recommendations are gladly accepted. thanks for watching

Skyler Smith 2012

by Weird_Tofer
Jun 2012 - 491 views

15 years old riding from Kirkwood, CA. Unfortunately we didnt get much footage this season. Heres the best shots that we managed to get this season.

Skyler Smith 2013 Edit

by Weird_Tofer
May 2013 - 1.4K views

The best shots that we were able to get while Skyler was still on his skis. Unfortunately, Skyler blew his knee at the beginning of February, cutting his season very short. We were only able to film for the first two months of the season but still managed to put together this video. Skyler will be fully recovered and back to killing it on his skis by next season. Hope you enjoy what we were able to put together.

Chile Summer 2013

by Weird_Tofer
Aug 2013 - 345 views

Had the opportunity to ski in chile for about two weeks this past summer. Only got to ski and film in the park for 3 days but managed to put this together. Enjoy

Chris Weir // 2014

by Weird_Tofer
Apr 2014 - 2.5K views

Didn't get to film much on many good parks this season but managed to put this together. Thanks to Moment Skis and all who helped out this season. Enjoy

Connor Flynn 2014

by Weird_Tofer
Jun 2014 - 657 views

best shots we managed to get with the major lack of snow in tahoe this season. parks were'nt very good but still managed to put this together. enjoy