SM LSM edit

by LifeSteezeMedia
Jul 2010 - 6.8K views

Snow Mafia and Life Steeze Media edit
SM Igor Ku, Denis Bonus
LSM Sasha Banan, Yura Ra, Dima MMaloy
Camera and Montage Banan and MMaloy
Music Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana - Lil Wayne Mr Mike Tyson

Move Back Teaser

by LifeSteezeMedia
Aug 2010 - 8.4K views

Life Steeze Media presents teaser of the first movie «Move Back»
Starring: Dmitry Makrushin, Yuriy Moiseev, Alexander Golovkin, Vitaliy Kensman, Alexander Voitsehovskiy and friends.
Snowpark and urban segments are filmed in Moscow and St-Petersburg.

With Sun Inside

by LifeSteezeMedia
Mar 2014 - 1.7K views

The snowless winter is over here in Moscow, so we decided to have a final spring shutoff. The parks have met us with darksome and grey vibrations. As the video could not been done without the riders, here is a short sketchup created by themselfs. Check out the first edit of "Life Steeze Media" in season 2014. Through the dark with light inside. Enjoy!

Mecca Ep. 1 - DIY Parks

by LifeSteezeMedia
Feb 2015 - 3.9K views

This year we decided to go to the small cities in Moscow region and visit local snowparks created by riders themselves. A lot of people complain on the lack of the snowparks, but you can create one by yourself. The atmosphere of such DIY parks always attracted us, it can easily be called mecca for local riders, there are only guys who are really into skiing and everyone enjoy riding.

Mecca / Ep.2 Sochi

by LifeSteezeMedia
Apr 2015 - 2.5K views

"Mecca" Episode 2 - Sochi.
All the "Mecca" episodes are dedicated to freeskiing in Russia and that's why for the park shoot we went to the Quiksilver New Star Camp in Olympic Sochi. For the third year in a row Sochi gather in one place skiers and snowboarders from different parts of Russia.This place has truly been the Mecca of Russian freeride and now is one for park skiing. Only in camps like that a lot of riders from Siberia, Ural, Moscow and other regions of Russia can meet each other.