Casey Arnold

by Dan_W
Jun 2014 - 1.5K views

I did some filming with Casey Arnold towards the end of the season at Big Boulder (PA) and Mt Snow (VT). Stoked on the outcome and can't wait to work on some more projects with him in the future! Keep an eye out over the summer and this coming winter for more videos! Enjoy!

Scott Jacoby: The Begining

by Dan_W
Jun 2014 - 822 views

I know most of the summer edits are either skating or blading. So I thought I'd switch it up alil bit with a BMX edit! Early shots of the season with more bangers to come! Thanks for watching and keep an eye out for more to come!

Liberty Mountain Snowflex

by Dan_W
Sep 2014 - 2.8K views

Casey and I decided to head to the Liberty Mountain Snowflex on a short notice for a weekend. We met up with Tim Steltzer and Isaac Shepard while we were down there, and this is what we got!

Casey Arnold Killington Edit

by Dan_W
Nov 2014 - 1.9K views

Took a trip to Killington VT with Casey Arnold for the Loaded Turkey Jam. Casey killed it taking home 3rd and while filming! Special Thanks To: Liberty Skis, Big Boulder Park, Pret Helmets, Spy Optics

SJO 2015 Part 1: Practice Day

by Dan_W
Mar 2015 - 2.2K views

Part 1 of 2. Competitors came out to test the jumps on the Sean Jordan Open course the day before the comp to warm up and take some laps around Big Boulder Park!

Jake Muller
Casey Arnold
Ryan Stevenson
Ryan Murphy
Jon Steltzer
Kellan Baker
Alex Keimel
Calvin Barrett
Sean Jordan
Jamie Ficco

Thank you to the sponsors:
Big Boulder Parks
Rockstar Energy Drinks
Under Armour
K2 Skis

Slushy Dayz

by Dan_W
Mar 2015 - 2K views

Spent a nice slushy day at Jack Frost and Big Boulder filming with Mike Urich, Ryan Murphy, Jake Muller, and Casey Arnold.

Music: "My God"- Tedashii

One Day with Mike Urich

by Dan_W
Apr 2015 - 887 views

Was able to spend a day filming with Mike this season at Jack Frost and Big Boulder! Hyped on his comeback from knee problems and hope to be able to film some more with him next season!

14/15 Season Recap

by Dan_W
Apr 2015 - 1.3K views

This season has been nothing shy of perfect! I've been lucky enough to film with some talented athletes while traveling all over the East Coast. Huge shout out to all the homies, new and old, that straight killed it this season! I cannot wait to see what next season holds! Thank you to everyone who has liked and supported my work so far, there's a lot more to come next season!
Special Thanks To:
Big Boulder
Pret Helmets


by Dan_W
May 2015 - 1.8K views

Finally made the move out to Colorado and having a blast! Met up with some kids who are killing it late season at Abay! More edits to come once camp starts at Woodward!

Casey Arnold// Sixteen Tons

by Dan_W
Jun 2015 - 3.4K views

Hyped to be able to film with Casey Arnold this season back east! Keep an eye out for this kid next season with some big things happening!
Special Thanks this season to:
Big Boulder Park
Liberty Skis
Pret Helmets
Spy Optics

Lost Edit: Woodward Copper Week 2: 2015

by Dan_W
Nov 2015 - 898 views

Lost edit from this past summer at Woodward Copper from Icelantic, Planks Cloting, and Zeal Optics Week

Jaron Stadler
Alex Keimel
Parker Norvell
Peyton O'Connor
Calvin Barrett
Duncan Adams
Cody Cirillo
Lupe Hagerty
Lucas Evans
Jermey Brown