En Route: Departure

by Nimbus
Apr 2010 - 9.8K views

This edit is a short version of our full length 40 minute film titled "en route departure". if you like the edit you will really like the full length movie. en route departure documents two months of travel with the nimbus crew. everything that goes with a ski trip is portrayed in this movie; amazing powder, terrible conditions, airports, road trips, culture, etc. the en route series is an attempt to depart from the norm of ski film making. instead of jump after jump, en route departure is about the people, places and skiing along the way. ian cosco, bene mayr and christian sirianni join the original nimbus crew: pep fujas, eric pollard chris benchetler and blake nyman for a great adventure.

Cruising Valdez Heli Camps

by Nimbus
Aug 2010 - 6.7K views

In April Chris Hendrickson scored a trip to Valdez along with his brother Tim, Powder magazine's John Stifter, and Atomic's Chris Benchetler, as they won the Atomic Alaska Giveaway contest that was postponed a year due to the eruption of Mount Redoubt last April. In addition to winning the free trip to Valdez Heli Camps, the Hendrickson's scored a free pair of Atomic Bent_Chetler skis. They were lucky enough to score 4 perfect bluebird days. Here is Chris cruising in Valdez.

Vision Quest

by Nimbus
Aug 2010 - 4.7K views

Chris Benchetler and Eric Pollard in Italy on snowball vision quest. Witness the best shot of Eric's entire snowball throwing career.

En Route Nomads

by Nimbus
Sep 2010 - 9.5K views

En Route Nomads is the 10th full length webisode from Nimbus Independent. Nomads follows Pep Fujas, Blake Nyman, Anthony Boronowski, Andy Mahre, Chris Benchetler and Eric Pollard from Canada to Utah on a road trip documented from start to finish.

En Route Departure

by Nimbus
Sep 2010 - 11.2K views

En Route Departure follows the Nimbus crew from Early season riding in Mammoth Mountain California, through a Military Mountain Warfare training facility to Italy. It's a great adventure, and filmed and edited in the Nimbus Webisode format.


by Nimbus
Jan 2011 - 11.6K views

Thank You is exactly what the title states; a thank you to everyone who watches Nimbus.

Thank You begins by interviewing individuals from every walk of life about how they predict the winter. The movie then recaps the best of the last three years of Nimbus. Enjoy!

Nimbus Independent was started in 2007 by Eric Pollard in collaboration with Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, and Chris Bencheter. The four like minded skiers began Nimbus to bring a different perspective to the world of ski movies.

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Night Session

by Nimbus
Aug 2011 - 1.5K views

November 2008 was a great month. Super low temps and a ton of precipitation made for light snow at low elevations.

We shot our first ever Nimbus movie at our two local resorts; Mt. Hood Ski Bowl and Mt. Hood Meadows in Oregon. We only skied and shot a few nights, passing the camera back and forth between Eric Pollard, Pep Fujas, Justin Wiegand and Ike Smith.

Had a great time slashing, buttering and hitting little lift line airs with enough light to see. Sammy Carlson, Dylan Hood, and Erin Valverde Pollard joined the session.

Three Days in Nirvana

by Nimbus
Aug 2011 - 537 views

A little behind the scenes look at our three days in Haines Alaska. Chris Benchetler, Bryce Phillips, Eric Pollard, Ike Smith and Justin Wiegand. Sorry about the snowball to the head Wiegand. Enjoy!

Live Fire

by Nimbus
Aug 2011 - 4.7K views

Live Fire is a section from En Route Departure.

So much fun to shoot. We filmed this after a huge snow storm cleared out of Mammoth. We drove to Nevada and did some sled access at a United States Marine Corps Mountain Warefare Training Facility.

Pretty much full on military zone, we could hear gun fire going off in the background as we were skiing. Crazy snow-tanks and troops on skis.

Skiing was great. I'm going back for sure.

Timberline Backcountry

by Nimbus
Aug 2011 - 3.7K views

Timberline Backcountry is a section from En Route Plan B. Sammy Carlson slays Hood in this section, and Eric Pollard and Andy Mahre have some good shots as well.

Planet Nimbus

by Nimbus
Aug 2011 - 1.7K views

Planet Nimbus is a section from our third webisode.

We camped out on Mt. Hood at 9,000 feet and built a quarterpipe. Super fun session with Garrett Russell, Pep Fujas, Chris Benchetler and Eric Pollard.

Really good times.

A Tribe Called Nimbus

by Nimbus
Sep 2011 - 3.1K views

Pep Fujas, Chris Benchetler, Andy Mahre, Christian Sirianni, Sean Logan and Eric Pollard shredding the Nevada and California Backcountry.

En Route Alaska

by Nimbus
Oct 2011 - 7.6K views

En Route Alaska follows Chris Benchetler, Eric Pollard and Byrce Phillips on a trip to Haines, Alaska. One of the best trips Nimbus has ever been on. One day travel to Alaska, three days skiing, and one day travel home. So much fun in just 3 days!

En Route Cascadia

by Nimbus
Nov 2011 - 3.6K views

En Route Cascadia follows Andy Mahre, Bryce Phillips and Eric Pollard on a road trip through Washington's best ski resorts; Crystal Mountain, Alpental, Stevens Pass and White Pass.

Chris Benchetler Self Edit

by Nimbus
Nov 2011 - 6.8K views

Chris Benchetler's 2011 video footage from Nimbus Independent and Teton Gravity Research. Filmed on location at: Mammoth Mountain, the California backcountry, Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Haines, Alaska. Edited by Chris himself. Check it out.

Nimbus School

by Nimbus
Nov 2011 - 3.9K views

Nimbus School is a section from our DVD release Hunting Yeti. It's always a challenge to re-edit footage that you have already used and make it into something new. Combining ski visuals with political undertones and setting the edit to Supertramp's "School" completely changed the pace and overall tone of this piece. It's always fun to play with different formats and come up with a new approach to editing footage. We shot all the portraits of average skiers in Oregon. Skiers from all walks of life who find what they are looking for on the ski hill gave interviews of their perspectives on skiing. We had a dentist, carpenter, butcher, pilot, bar tender, landscaper, etc.

En Route Camp BC

by Nimbus
Dec 2011 - 4.4K views

En Route Camp B.C. follows Anthony Boronowski, Julien Regnier and Eliel Hindert on a snow camping mission up into Callaghan, British Columbia.

BC Backcountry

by Nimbus
Dec 2011 - 8.3K views

This is a re-edited section from En Route Nomads. Chris Benchetler and Anthony Boronowski and John Jackson take a zone in British Columbia apart at the seems. Benchetler sacked up and hit the feature he broke his collar bone on in 2008. Not bad Chris, not bad at all.