TRIUMPH a Tanner Hall Film

Nov 9th - 21.3K views

Armada Skis presents "Triumph" a film by Tanner Hall and Corey Stanton. Follow Tanner as he returns to top form in his 2017-18 season, while he discusses all of the struggles and triumphs that brought him to where he is now.

Cal Carson // 2016

by CalCarson
Nov 2016 - 6.4K views

Had a blast shredding this year with all the homies out in Utah! Thanks to everyone who helped film and big thanks Lennon Vaughan and Austin Ramaley for editing this!

Alex Hall // 2015-2016

by AlexHall
Oct 2016 - 21.6K views

Another best season ever. I hope you guys like this edit. Special thanks to Faction Skis, Shred Optics, Slytech Protection, Monster Army, Panda Poles for making this season possible. Thanks to the filmers for making this edit possible and thanks to everyone else who made this season as fun as it was.

Torin Yater-Wallace 2015/16

by TorinWallace.
Nov 2016 - 19.5K views

"This season was different than any other I've experienced so far. It started out in November in the hospital battling a severe infection for 3 months, but thankfully ended up being one of the most enjoyable seasons of my entire life. Not knowing if I was going to be able to ski at all, I made a full recovery, was able to travel the world, compete, and shoot as much as possible." -TYW Vital Films presents Torin Yater-Wallace 2015-16 edit. Additional Footage : Corey Stanton (Chile & Sweden) & Loren James Creer (Buttermilk) Music By: Kevin Gates "Out The Mud" Gil Scott-Heron "Me And The Devil" Troy Ave "Chuck Norris" A$AP Mob "Crazy Brazy" Dave Steezy "Wave On $wim"


by troupe
Oct 2016 - 8.8K views

Our summer offering. Every summer a congregation of likeminded individuals flock to Mt.Hood. A long time staple of summer riding within our scene, now its on us to keep that alive. Featuring: Tim Ryan, Quinn Wolferman, Aiden Ulrich, Tyler Curle, Matt P'ng, Tyler Mega, Sam Winship, Corey Jackson, Kolton Smith, Hunter Hess Edit: Aiden Ulrich Film: Gavin Rudy, Cam Willis, Nick Broms, Noah Curry, Andrew Mildenberger, Aiden Ulrich.

4FRNT Two To Tango Episode 1

by CalCarson
Jan 2017 - 6.7K views

Brolf and Cal Carson get together to bring you a show. We met up for the first time this season at Loon. Then went back to Park City to film some shots as well as a rail gardens session to finish it off.

Ski Session 1.5: Peace Pipe

by 860media*
Jun 2017 - 2.7K views

Fresh off the trip from Hood the boys kept there bags packed and headed back to Carinthia for the annual Peace Pipe jam. This year was a bit more mellow in temperature, but the mud pits and gnats were nothing to mess with. In between crushing cans and getting covered in mud we were able to have a rad time and land a few tricks. Check out the action and stay tuned for a short film coming out this fall!!!!!!

Ian Dugger All Time

by 860media*
Jan 2017 - 12.9K views

I started skiing with Dugger about six years ago and thats when I realized he was the real animal on skis. But, last year he got a full time job and packed his bags to Miami. Although Dugger wont be around anymore, he will be remembered by being able to muscle around some of the illest rail tricks. (with or without his skis) So check out a true East Coast rail skier and let us know what you think!

Windells Session 5 - 2017

by Windells
Aug 2017 - 6.6K views

Skiing by:John Michael Fabrizi, Forster Meeks, Mike Switzer, Pete Christensen, Jake Mageau, Alex Hackel, Corey Jackson, Henry Hawks, Sam Zahner, Cody Laplante, Lucas Wachs, Noah Wallace, Jaime Melton, Reed Lewis, Jason Arens, Sam Winship, Christopher Newett, Jonah Williams, Birk Irving, and Hunter Hess Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey

Windells Session 4 - 2017

by Windells
Jul 2017 - 8.5K views

Skiing by: Sawyer Sellingham, Birk Irving, Ethan Swadburg, Khai Krepela, Joey Van Der Meer, Jonah Williams, Nick Goepper, Alex Hackel, Tucker Fitz-Simmons, Tucker Addison, Corey Jackson, Pete Koukov, Forster Meeks, ABM, McRae Williams, Tanner Hall, Levi Ascher, Aaron Blunck, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Jack Finn, Lucas Wachs, and Jed Waters Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey

Windells Session 3 - 2017

by Windells
Jul 2017 - 9.3K views

Skiing by: Jack Borland, Forster Meeks, Mike Carmazzi, Abner Wyman, Levi Ascher, Alex Hall, Andy Parry, Devin Logan, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Sander Hadley, Ethan Swadburg, Torin Yater-Wallace, Nick Goepper, Jack Finn, Hunter Hess and McRae Williams

Windells Session 1 - 2017

by Windells
Jun 2017 - 14.2K views

Skiing by: Peyben Hagglund, Topher Newett, Jake Mageau, Andre Hamm, Ian King, Jack Borland, Levi Ascher, Tucker Addision, Charlie Lasser, Matt Walker, ABM, Lucas Stal Madison, Ethan Swadburg, & Magnus Graner

They See Me Trollin: Heart Of Skiing

by Saga.
Feb 2017 - 21.4K views

In it's fifth season of They See Me Trollin, Steve Stepp searches to find the Heart Of Skiing. Episode 1 introduces us to 1 of 3 characters chronicled this season, Zane Kushman. Lead Cinematographer: Paul Braunstein Shop the Winter 16/17 Collection: Subscribe to our Youtube channel: Like on Facebook: Follow on Instagram: @sagaouterwear Add on Snapchat: sagaouterwear

The Summer Ski Movie - Segment 1

by Windells
Mar 2017 - 8.6K views

Windells Presents the First Segment of The Summer Ski Movie Featuring: Sawyer Sellingham, Alex Hackel, Kevin Curran, Cam Willis, Jack Borland, Tyler Mega, Tyler Curle, Simon Knight, Sam "Big Snick" Snyder, Mike Carmazzi, Anders Fornelius, Alex & Zach Harington, Gabe Taube, "The Illusive" Jo Jo Ciprari, & Abner Wyman Credit: Cam Willis

Ski Sessions 1.4: Drunk Weather

by 860media*
May 2017 - 6.5K views

Spring at Carinthia is always the best time. But, like last year the weather was a bit all over the place. The boys still made ends meet and had some fun. Check out the action and make sure to come out to Carinthia tomorrow for Peace Pipe Jam!!!!!

Windells Session 2 - 2017

by Windells
Jul 2017 - 7.6K views

Skiing by: Andre Hamm, Jack Finn, Cal Carson, John Ware, Charlie Lasser, Collin Collins, Jack Borland, Peyben, Andrea Zvonar, Mike Carmazzi, Bobby Brown, Karl Fostvedt, Miguel Porteous, Ethan Swadburg, Tucker Addison, Topher Newett, Levi Ascher, Jonah Elston, Nick Morales, Magnus Graner, Paul Marik, Dale Talkington, & Tom Wallisch

The Mount 3 - Jeremy Pancras

by panpan
Sep 2016 - 7.4K views

Lots of you guys know that skiing in Mt Hood isn't more about the days on skis than the ones in forest and by the coast. While filming for this third flick of our life in Oregon I wanted to show what it is to live in our "ski bum tents" and bring you the real life experiences. I hope this will be a good summary to what we faced and that it will give you the envy to go discover those incredible places and animals we care so much about. Peace and love to all the people who made this trip the greatest story to tell our kids when we'll be grown up. Thanks to these guys for making everything possible : Volkl, Dakine, Marker, Dalbello, Oakley, GoPro and Feiyu Tech.


by codyray
Oct 16th - 2.4K views

just wait for the album.... Thank you Armada Skis, Hestra Gloves, and Roxa Italian Ski Boots


by SamWinship
Mar 2017 - 995 views

Called it trash because I'm trash at editing. Camera Guy/Laugher: Evan Heath. Skiing: Sam Winship

Ski Sessions 1.1: Broken

by 860media*
Feb 2017 - 3.4K views

It's been a busy few weeks with little to no content from the crew, But we have been busy at work. In the past few weeks we hit the streets and hosted our fifth annual rail jam. Check out some action that went down before all that and wish Jared a speedy recovery from his broken bones. Stay tuned for The Studio Clothing rail jam recap coming soon!!!!

860media Presents: Balance (Trailer)

by 860media*
Oct 5th - 2.6K views

With more snowfall in December then all of last year, the boys knew it was time to get down to business. Check out this years trailer & get with it or get rolled over. Featuring: Mike DeJohn, Chris DeJohn, Calvin Lyons, Sam Marino, Lupe Hagearty, Jared DeGumbia, Ryan Funke & Friends Produced By: Chris DeJohn, Jared Degumbia & The Riders Supported by: The Studio Clothing Northpull Winch Co. Carinthia Parks

TallTProductions Woodward Collab!!!

by ScooterLapooter
Feb 2017 - 4.5K views

Keegan Kilbride, Parker Norvell, Calvin Barrett and myself have been hard at work to produce this video representing one of their key sponsors, TallTProductions, while collaborating with Woodward Copper and a day at Eldora's new Woodward terrain park. Keegan and I toughed it out at Eldora in -10 to -20 degree weather but made it worthwhile. Anyways, enough talk, its time to watch the edit. Keegan, Parker, and Calvin killed it and a big thanks goes out to TallTProductions, Woodward Copper, and Eldora Mountain Resort. Filmed/Edited by Scott Klumb at SMK Media

The Summer Ski Movie - Segment 6

by Windells
Apr 2017 - 13.3K views

Windells present the Sixth and Final Segment of The Summer Ski Movie Featuring: Keegan Kilbride, Magnus Graner, Cam Boll, Jake Doan, Lupe Hagearty, Mike Hornbeck, Charlie Lasser, John Ware, Brady Perron, Dale Talkington, Jeff Curry, Karl Fostvedt, Kolton Smith, Paul Marik, Jamie Baril, Ben Zinns, Quinn Wolferman, Jonah Elston, Corey Jackson, Tim Ryan, Etahn Swadburg, and Levi Ascher Credit: Cam Willis

Windells Session 6 - 2017

by Windells
Aug 2017 - 6.4K views

Skiing by: Pat Heald, Tim McChesney, Nick Goepper, John Kutcher, Jake Mageau, Andy Parry, Jaime Melton, Alex Hackel, Pete Chritnsen, Topher Newett, "The Illusive JoJo"Joey Ciprari, Taylor Bond, Reece Rule, Kiernan Fagan, Andreya Zvonar, Jonah Elston, Jonah Williams, Lennon Vaughn, Will Berman, and Keegan Kilbride Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey