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That's Life

by danderson.
Mar 2012 - 426 views

I present my winter 2011/2012 visual project featuring Missouri's best. This mini-film/edit documents the two short months of true winter we were given and how hard we worked in that time period to create the best film possible. We were faced with many challenges, e.g., a broken camera lense which happened to be our only one, no budget, and the shortest winter we've ever experienced, but, hey, that's life. All shot at Hidden Valley Ski Resort, MO with a Nikon D5000 equipped with an 18-55mm lens. Please watch in the highest definition for your maximum viewing pleasure. Thank you and enjoy! (Song questions are popular and if you are wondering about the name(s) or artist(s) of certain track(s), please watch the film completely as they are in the credits segment.)

Slush: A Mini Edit

by danderson.
Aug 2011 - 2.3K views

Sorry to everyone waiting for the movie for the...wait. We've been having some difficulties getting it done for most of the summer, but it's back on track so no need to fear. For now, here is a mini-edit entitled "Slush" that marks my final two days filming at Hidden Valley. Enjoy. (Keep an eye out for these shots reappearing in the movie.)

Summer Starts Now

by danderson.
Jul 2011 - 2.5K views

With the site back up and running, its just now starting to feel like summer. Everyone is skating more and everyone seems to be psyched on the new content. So, the name Summer Starts Now is only fitting and this edit will hopefully set the standard for the rest of the summer. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy footage from what was going to be School's Out 2, Shred For Eric Day, Go Skate Day, and much more. Check out this post on our website. Music: California Love by 2Pac / Cameras by Chiddy Bang (Friend's edit, not mine.)

Unknown: Week 10

by danderson.
Jul 2011 - 1.4K views

For those of you who have seen Toy Soldier Productions' "Come Find Us", Brock is no one new, but for those who have not, this is a good start. All credit to Brock for this edit and those who filmed it.

Unknown: Week 2

by danderson.
May 2011 - 2.5K views

Week 2 of the "Unknown" series. I take NO credit for these edits. If anything, I am just posting them to get recognition for these riders and boost their views.

Unknown: Week 1

by danderson.
May 2011 - 2.5K views

I'm starting up a new thing up where I will be posting a different "unknown" edit each week. Unknown as in unknown riders and/or filmmakers. There will be a different one each week, so keep checking each week for new stuff!


by danderson.
May 2011 - 1.8K views

My snow addiction finally starting getting to me and I needed to edit some footage apart from the movie that is still in progress. This was one of my favorite shots so naturally, I edited this one. Shot with: Nikon D5000 w/ 18 - 55mm lense

Hidden Valley 2010-2011 (Inbetween Media)

by danderson.
Feb 2011 - 4.7K views

With Hidden Valley's final midnight sessions this weekend, and all the sporadic weather we've been having, Hidden Valley will unfortunately be closing next weekend. However, it has been one hell of a season! To help us remember the wonderful 2010-2011 season, here's a video highlight reel. See ya next season Hidden Valley! Check out this post on our website. Music: Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights by Aqueduct

Skyzone, Yo

by danderson.
Feb 2011 - 2K views

A group of us headed up to Skyzone after a successful day at Hidden Valley and put this together. Buncha monkeys. Shot with: Nikon D5000 w/ 18 - 55mm lense

Smash Sumthin'

by danderson.
Feb 2011 - 4K views

Josh pre - ejects on a 270 onto the flat - box. Shot with: Nikon D5000 w/ 18 - 55mm lense Song: Smash Sumthin' - Redman Cheers!

A Down Rail Session

by danderson.
Jan 2011 - 5.4K views

Speed was a problem with the continuous snow falling, so we decided to hike and session the down rail for most of the night. Song: Friday The 13th - JD Era Shot With: Nikon D5000 w/ 18 -55mm lense Cheers!

A Sunset Edit

by danderson.
Dec 2010 - 2.2K views

I decided to take some sunset shots from the other day and throw 'em together for this edit. Song: Got To Have It - Method Man Shot with: Nikon D5000 w/ 18 - 55mm lense Cheers!