Bobby Sonntag || 12.13

by b_sonntag
May 2013 - 3.9K views

Bobby Sonntag, Age 16.Unfortunately my season was cut pretty short after blowing my knee in early january, but i managed to get a few shots beginning to middle of the season. Huge thanks to K2 Skis and Marker Bindings!

Bobby Sonntag // 13.14

by b_sonntag
May 2014 - 8K views

Had a super fun first season back from ACL surgery last year, thanks to Cas Sheridan, Cole Pates, Matt P'ng, and my Dad for filming! Also thanks to Zach Doleac from K2 Skis, Pat Duran & Brian Hulick from Marker Bindings, and to all my friends, family, and coaches, E, Pete, Dave, and Jason for all their support this season! Cut by // Bobby Sonntag

Bobby Sonntag // INDIE

by b_sonntag
Jul 2015 - 11.2K views

Wasn't able to film as much as I would've liked due to a busy comp schedule this season, but here are some of my favorite clips from the 2014/15 year. Shouts out to Cas Sheridan, Aaron Milligan, Cole Pates, and Dave Zweig for filming. Shouts out to Jerm @saga for the pants.