Nate Keyes January K2 PG 13 Edit

by natekeyes
Jan 2010 - 7.6K views

My home mountain jump wasn't good because we don't have much snow so I didn't film any jumps. I didn't film jumps at other mountains because I thought we would get more snow and the jump would be better but we didn't. So I just put some rail shots together from January. I don't really plan on winning since I don't have jumps in it, but whatever. Enjoy!

Blandford Spring Edit

by natekeyes
Apr 2010 - 4.2K views

Filmed for like an hour and a half and go some pretty good rail shots. I put in all the falls at the end because most of the 450 out falls were due to a big bomb hole so I just thought it would be pretty funny. Comments and criticism are welcome. Edited by Nate Keyes

A Spring Day at Mount Snow

by natekeyes
May 2010 - 7.8K views

A day in march at Mount Snow. About 3 hours of filming and then the camera broke, so this is what we got. Any advice on the cork 5 at the end other than a bigger jump, I don't know how to do them and that was my first try. Edited by Nate Keyes. Song is Red Hot Chilipop by White Noise Mashups.

Urban at the Country Club

by natekeyes
Jan 2011 - 3.8K views

Went to the country club near my house to hit my first urban. Took out the camera for about an hour and got some pretty good shots. Thanks to Graham for letting us use his banshee bungee. Enjoy.

Testin Out the GoPro at Blandford

by natekeyes
Feb 2011 - 3.2K views

Went up to Blandford to test out the GoPro for a few hours. Actually got some decent shots. Some jump shots are a little weird because I had to enlargen them because we were a little too far away.

Nate Keyes 10/11 Self Edit

by natekeyes
Aug 2011 - 2.3K views

My self edit of the shots that I got this season. I didn't really film that much this season, all the shots are from only 2 days at my home mountain Blandford Ski Area and 3 days at Mount Snow. Even though I didn't film a ton I got some pretty good shots. Big thanks to everyone who filmed especially Connor Mankouski! And also thanks to Graham for letting us use your banshee bungee.
Songs: Worst Comes To Worst (Remix) (Feat. Havoc and Guru)-Dilated Peoples

Nalepa 'Monday' Remix-The Glitch Mob

Nate Keyes 11/12

by natekeyes
Oct 2012 - 782 views

Just a couple days shredding around the local mountain Ski Sundown and 2 days out in Colorado. Didn't really spend any time editing, just threw some shots together really. Enjoy.

3 Snowy Laps

by natekeyes
Mar 2013 - 297 views

Got bored and decided to throw a little footy together from last weekend at Killington. Filmed for 3 runs and this is what I got.

Afternoon of Rails

by natekeyes
Sep 2013 - 406 views

Just found out about the "mSnow summer video contest 2013" last night and haven't hit my setup in a while so I decided to film for a few hours. This is what I ended up with, not much, but I had a good time.

Nate Keyes | Torn

by natekeyes
Apr 2014 - 1.9K views

Tore my ACL on February 9th. Filmed for a few days before and here are some of the shots I gathered up until then. Had a fun time nonetheless, enjoy!