Kevin Lotz torn acl edit

by Randy_Quench
Mar 2010 - 6.3K views

Kevin got a torn acl over the summer and still shreds with a brace until he gets surgery next year. (waiting till hes fully grown for surgery so it doesnt affect his growth.)

Loony Tunes

by Randy_Quench
Apr 2016 - 1.5K views

There comes an end to every era. Here's to the last season the squad is together before being disbanded to join the "real world" and achieve "great things".. ha yeah right. See y'all on the hill next year you suckpumps.

A Ballad for Loon Beach

by Randy_Quench
Apr 2017 - 3.6K views

With Loon closing this weekend, it marks an end of an era. For the last 4 (5 for some) years Loon Beach has been home to some of the finest delinquents and degenerates that Plymouth State has to offer. I'm happy to call some of those idiots my friends. This edit is a compilation of some of my best and favorite shots from the last 4 years here at the Beach. Mahalo Loon, see you in the next life.