One Alta Minute

by drinkbutter
Jan 2014 - 7.7K views

For six years we have tried to create entertaining edits at our home mountain, Alta. After many seasons of trials and tribulations, we finally have quality camera work, and a solid set of soldj's who are hungry for shots.

Always Sunny at Alta 2: Hype Seggy

by drinkbutter
Feb 2015 - 10.2K views

We already have seven hours of footage for the new film, so we decided to drop a two minute segment of what we've been up to so far. The new film is gonna be bananas! // Skiers: @jazzzythizzle @james_jensen16 @ryan_vitale @colibuds @blake_wilson_ @shanwaad @huntcorn @wesleycornelison @ian_mcmuffin @seanroberds / Young Stunna Squad: @luke_r0berts @noah_heaton @zachseager

It's Always Sunny at Alta 2

by drinkbutter
Jan 2016 - 25.5K views

@Drinkbutter proudly present its Always Sunny At Alta 2. This Movie documents our 2014/2015 season filmed almost entirely in-bounds at our home mountain, Alta Ski Area.

Opening segment is @ryan_vitale aka Randy who absolutely killed it last season.
Followed by the intro and friend/FRANK shots.
Then Charlie has another cameo.
A new addition to the drinkbutter fam.. is the @Wamas_Media crew. Composed of @noah_heaton, @jaxx_heaton, @radiicole, @zachseager, and @jettjohnson5. All who are either in middle-school-or high school and have more fun skiing than anyone on the mountain.
Next up is our dog, @jamesjensen_, James went ham this season and we still can?t believe he?s only been shredding with us for 3 seasons.
Finally, @jazzzythizzle caps it off with his funky season edit despite tearing his meniscus twice last season.

Dedicated to: Heffy, Bryce Astle, and Eric Richardson.



by drinkbutter
Jan 2016 - 13.1K views

We met the Wamas crew a year before we started the Drinkbutter page. Watching them ski brought us back to a simpler time where it wasn't about putting out the best edit, or trying to be the best skier on the mountain. These kids kill it and have more fun than any other crew on the mountain. you've probably seen them in Always sunny I & || prepare yourself for six minutes of Wamas Funk


by drinkbutter
Mar 2016 - 3.3K views

The Wamas crew has been going off lately! These young guns have had a jolly ol time this season, most fun and progressive season yet! Recap of the past few months at Alta. Enjoy!

Chambers of Reflection: Greasy Media x Drinkbutter

by drinkbutter
Apr 2016 - 2.7K views

Greasy media teamed up with Drinkbutter this season to bring you a new installment to the Drinkbutter videos. We filmed all season at Alta and had one hell of a season. Greasy Media followed around Jazz, Ryan, James, and friends trying to get some dope shots for a new video. This is what we came up with and hope you all enjoy. We proudly present Chambers of Reflection.

Skiers: Jazz Vitale, Ryan Vitale, James Jensen, Sean Ward, Adam Scheer, and Colin Becker.

#stay greasy

It's Always Sunny at Alta 3

by drinkbutter
Feb 2017 - 25.6K views

The final chapter in the Always Sunny trilogy. Thank you to everyone who has made these past three years absolutely unforgettable. We are looking forward to what lies ahead and hope you enjoy.


Drinkbutter presents: Chargin' & Margarine

by drinkbutter
Dec 2017 - 14.1K views

This will be Drinkbutter's fourth feature length film. New locations, new friends, but same end result. This is a film about friendship, and ultimately what can come out of skiing with your homies.

Special Thanks to ON3P skis / Bloom Outerwear / Giro Snow
Shot on location at: Alta Ski Area, Timberline Lodge, and Snowbird

Thanks to the Filmers: Alex Mager, Wyatt Kadwit, Jazz Vitale, Hunter Cornelison, James Jensen

Skiers in order of appearance: Homies, Jack Graham, Quan Cameo, Smeegs, Adam Scheer, Mike Mastromarino, Davis Lentz, Brian Allen, Jaxxon & Noah Heaton, Ryan Vitale, & Jazz Vitale.

93 // Jazz Vitale

by drinkbutter
Nov 2019 - 2.9K views

Here's my 2019 cut... I managed to put this thang together after my computer completely deleted my edit last week. Didn't get a whole lotta filming done last season, but sometimes that's the way of the road. Stoked on how this puppy turned out. Hit me up if you wanna do some filmin' this year. Cheers!

Thanks to all the people that filmed/clipped me up: Owen Dahlberg - Matt Kretzschmar - Noah Heaton - Hunter Cornelison - Smeegs - Clark Robinson - Luca Hagmayer - Rob Whyte

Brandon Ott - Bagel Boy - Rocko Menzyk - GMD staff - Patrol - Liftees - Peter Bennett

Dave Amirault - Eric Sales

Scott Andrus - Sean Donahue

Jazz Vitale 'VENTI' Season Edit

by drinkbutter
Dec 2020 - 3.6K views

Dedicated to all those who make our winter season so special. The homies, the liftees, the parking crew, the people who refill your pitchers & make your pizzas. Thank you for everything. Skiing wouldn't be what it is without you.

Put a lot of work into this one, hope you enjoy.