Calvin Schwadron Extended Edit

by CalvinFederline
Sep 2012 - 196 views

the complete collection of Calvin Schwadron's entire 2011/2012 season. starring Calvin Schwadron. edited by Calvin Schwadron. filmed on location @Breckenridgecolorado & @keystonecolorado. videography composed by @ColinMcphillips. Thanks to all of my sponsors ___________, you've been a huge help this?

White Edit: Calvin Schwadron edition

by CalvinFederline
Sep 2012 - 671 views

now on newschoolers! watch all your favorite videos of me skiing this year, all in one place! no need for yuckey pills or exhausting exercises. now with white edit, you can have my skiing and eat it too. but dont take my word for it, just talk to any of my happy customers and they'll tell you why they rate me with the highest of Karma on the site.

Space Wave: Calvin Schwadron

by CalvinFederline
Jan 2014 - 742 views

With a new wave sound track, a shirt handed down from my grandfather in the 60's, science fiction clips from YouTube, and a lot of cloudy days at Keystone I made my first edit of the season. I know I am not the first to use some of these songs, but that doesn't bother me.