X-Mas Edit!

by sandvik
Jan 2010 - 4.6K views

Shreddin' Storlien for one day and Vassfjellet for two days in the Christmas holiday.
Also a bit urbans, shoot on local places in Middle-Norway.

First two months - Urban & Oppdal

by sandvik
Jan 2011 - 4.9K views

Smack Productions presents b-shots from the first two months of the season.Featuring urban sessions and a edit from a weekend at Oppdal.

To see all the good footage you have to wait for our movie, "Down to This", dropping fall 2011.

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RIDERS: Sondre Grande, Christoffer Sparby, Jørgen Kringen, Mattis Silseth, Vebjørn Engeset, Vebjørn Svorkmo, Håvard Sandvik & Didrik Østerud
MUSIC: Empire of the Sun - Standing on the Shore & Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand
CAMERA: Canon EOS 550D
LENSES: Vivitar 7mm, Canon EF 50mm, Canon EF 18-135mm and Tokina 11-16mm

MegaPark @ Oppdal

by sandvik
Apr 2011 - 2.8K views

Smack Productions gives you a edit from the best MegaPark ever!

Shot and edited by: HÃ¥vard Sandvik
Music: Kid Cudi - Up, Up, and Away
Camera: Canon 550D
Lenses: Canon EF 24-70 f2.8, Canon EF 50mm f1.8, Sigma 14mm f2.8.
Riders: Jørgen Kringen, Christoffer Sparby, Vebjørn Engeset, Sveinung Jacobsen,
Didrik Østerud & Sondre Grande.

Down to This - Trailer

by sandvik
Jul 2011 - 1.5K views

Smack Productions are proud to present our first skimovie. Down to This features young skiers from the middle of Norway with one thing in common, they all love skiing. The meaning with this movie is to show you the good feeling skiing gives us, and share the fun moments we had. We hope you enjoy the movie and hopefully we will be back next year!

Directed, produced and edited by HÃ¥vard Sandvik.

Locations: Oppdal, Åre, Vassfjellet, Juvass, Meråker and Storlien.
Supported by Mad-Croc Energy Drink and Friflyt.

sondre GRANDE
vebjørn ENGESET
christoffer SPARBY
jørgen KRINGEN
sveinung JACOBSEN
mattis SILSETH
håvard SANDVIK
jørgen NESBØ

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DOWN TO THIS - by Smack Productions

by sandvik
Oct 2011 - 1.5K views

Smack Productions are proud to present their first ski movie Down to This. A ski movie that features young talented skiers from the middle of Norway with one thing in common, they all love skiing. We had a great season during the filming of this movie, and I hope you like what you see. Directed, produced, shot and edited by Håvard Sandvik. Supported by Mad-Croc Energy Drink, Meråker Alpinsenter and FriFlyt.


by sandvik
Mar 2013 - 434 views

Some of the best shoots I've got this month. Feature two good urban sessions and some parkskiing at Oppdal