by btmnkyb
Mar 2012 - 116 views

Tom Wallisch X-Games shit.... And I'm am currently in the process of aquiring a nice camera to film with so please bear with the gopro footage. Special thanks to ehotodesign!


by btmnkyb
Mar 2013 - 100 views

Decided to take a last minute trip into town for some urban filming. Ended up getting some cool shots and a gnarly wipeout. Enjoy

Slushy Fun

by btmnkyb
Jun 2013 - 356 views

A few lazy laps during the last week at carinthia. Filmed and Edited By: Marc Bryce. Additional FIlming: Luc Burns. Enjoy

Foreign Shit

by btmnkyb
Mar 2014 - 831 views

Met up with the homies for some laps at Q Burke to take advantage of the warm temps and mostly sunny skies. Enjoy.

Summer Grind

by btmnkyb
Sep 2014 - 531 views

Had a very busy summer but was able to get some filming in towards the end. The homies chillin, biking, skating on that summer grind. Enjoy.

Fall in the NEK

by btmnkyb
Oct 2014 - 429 views

Very busy this fall but managed to squeeze in some film time between classes at spots, both old and new. Enjoy Special thanks to Intelligent Outcasts for hooking it up with the gear and Q Burke mountain resort. Go check them and their sick attire out at And Q Burke at

Young Stallone // Ryan McEvoy

by btmnkyb
Nov 2014 - 532 views

Ryan McEvoy, aka Young Stallone, was on the slay this past season. Dirt Jumping, trail riding, and some big gaps was the result of the 13/14 season. Enjoy. Check out MTBVT at Make sure to go Intelligent Outcasts at for the sickest apparel and head-wear.

Fine Granular

by btmnkyb
Jan 2015 - 3K views

Nothing but rain, ice, blistering cold temperatures, and a minuscule amount of snow with a hint of sunshine here and there. Basically a perfect day on the east coast, met up with the homies to enjoy sliding around on some fine granular. Shot and cut in one day, Enjoy. Click the link above ^ for the sickest apparel and head-wear. I do not own the song or associated music video scenes, all copyright goes to Beastie Boys and any affiliates.

Packed Powder

by btmnkyb
Mar 2015 - 789 views

Youtube version was having technical difficulties, had to re-upload.
The east coast has been on fire lately with low temps and high snowfall percentages; making for some incredible skiing. Met up with the homie's for a few days over Febuarry break to take full advantage of the awesome conditions. Enjoy
Click the link above ^ for the sickest apparel and head-wear.

I do not own any of the music in this video, all copyrights go to Wu-Tang Clan

Sunny Daze

by btmnkyb
Mar 2015 - 422 views

Warm temps, blue skies, and hot laps with the homies as the season starts to wind down at Burke Mountain. Enjoy

Brendan Bauer 1415

by btmnkyb
Aug 2015 - 4.3K views

Stacking clips and eating chips. Enjoy
Additional footage: Sam Marino
Click the link above ^ for the sickest apparel and head-wear.

El NiƱo

by btmnkyb
Feb 2016 - 4.8K views

Been a rough winter, El Niño's a real bitch. Still managed to get out with the homies a few times when it wasn't raining.