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Beartooth Summer Session 2013

by eKrieg
Jun 2013 - 2.3K views

Located along the border between Montana and Wyoming, Beartooth Basin offers some of the best "real" summer skiing in the U.S. Here are some highlights of the skiing session and laid back competition put on every year on this massive headwall.

Spring Break #NoRules!!!

by eKrieg
Apr 2013 - 9K views

The sun made a rare appearance in Washington and Snoqualmie's park found itself full of slush, good friends, and exciting skiing. Here is a short edit filmed over three warm days in March.

Haywire Hammers

by eKrieg
Jan 2013 - 15.2K views

The early season is over and Sugarloaf's big park is up and running. I teamed up with the boys last weekend to document the fun. Enjoy!

The Family Reunion

by eKrieg
Dec 2012 - 4K views

The boys and I documented our adventures during the 2011-2012 season with a webisode series titled Family Vacation. We travelled around the Pacific Northwest and had a blast playing around at different resorts. This year things changed as we found ourselves distributed around the world in places such as Maine, Colorado, and Norway. Christmas came with an opportunity to reassemble the crew and do some filming. Here is part one of the reunion.

The Ice Age: Sugarloaf Opener

by eKrieg
Nov 2012 - 3.3K views

Welcome to the Ice Age. We're going to be putting together a series of edits in New England this year and here's the first of more to come. Sugarloaf just opened and we made a short (who wants to watch more than a minute of preseason?) video of the fun. Enjoy!

Family Vacation Episode 6

by eKrieg
Jun 2012 - 9.9K views

The final part of the season was spent at Stevens Pass, Whistler, and Timberline. We had a blast traveling and shredding the best late season parks available in the Pacific Northwest.

Family Vacation Episode 5

by eKrieg
Apr 2012 - 11.2K views

Episode 5: Jake discovers the thrill of anesthesia, Clint and Rory head to Mt. Bachelor, and the whole gang finishes up a season at Snoqualmie. Enjoy!

Family Vacation Episode 4

by eKrieg
Mar 2012 - 9.1K views

February and early March was a time period with less than ideal filming conditions. Here is what we made with it at the Red Bull Third Shift and The Summit at Snoqualmie.

Family Vacation Episode 1

by eKrieg
Dec 2011 - 16.8K views

Here's Episode 1 of our new webisode series. Shot in the very beginning of the 2011-2012 season, this is the first of the six that we will be releasing!

Jake Rouches 2010/2011

by eKrieg
Jul 2011 - 1.3K views

Jake and I failed to do as much filming as we would have hoped for due to some shoulder injuries later in the season when we actually had access to bigger jumps. However we still managed to get a couple shots and here they are.

Hood Mentality

by eKrieg
Jul 2011 - 5.8K views

Everyone really missed snow, so a trip to Timberline was in order. We filmed for three days, here is what we got. Skiers: Peter Killory, Ryan Killory, Erik Stai, Jamie Baril, Alex De Rocco, Jake Rouches, Ed Clem