Ben-B's Videos

Ben Bouchard - Colorado

by Ben-B
Jan 2013 - 2.4K views

In late november i made the journey down south and was able to spend three weeks in Colorado. Didn't film a whole lot but this is what i was able to pt together from the shots i did get. Thanks to all who filmed! For Will

Ben Bouchard 11/12 Season

by Ben-B
Jul 2012 - 64 views

bunch of my favourite shots from the season! thanks to all who filmed, inspired, and provided me with countless good times! Also thanks to Surface, Joystick, Causwell, and Herd headwear fro the support along the way!

Ben Bouchard - January+February

by Ben-B
Feb 2012 - 600 views

Here's some footage from the last two months. I had to combine January and february because of the lack of footage from the month of january, due to me having to write diploma exams. Anyways, i was able to put this together. Look out for my next edit at the end of March! Enjoy! filmed on the Canon 60D, self-edited with Final Cut Pro and colour graded with color 1.5. For my brother, Will Bouchard

Grease Lightning

by Ben-B
Oct 2011 - 1.6K views

On thanksgiving weekend, Jay, Kevin, and I decided it would be nice to accomplish some fun snow gliding activities. So we did! Thanks for filming Rob! Shot on the Canon 60D with Bower 8mm fisheye and Canon 50mm lenses. Edited by myself with Final Cut Pro 7 and Color 1.5. Cool, Enjoy! For Will, miss you.

Ben Bouchard 10/11

by Ben-B
Sep 2011 - 1.4K views

Here's my season edit from last winter. Huge thanks to Surface, Joystick, Causwell, and Herd Headwear! as well as many people for footage! shred in peace will!

Spring Time.

by Ben-B
May 2011 - 2.7K views

Spring time, one of my favourite times of the year! nothing better than burnin some slushy park laps with friends.