Kyle Coxworth // 2DAY

by Coxworth
Jan 2013 - 2.6K views

filmed with Nicolas Houghton for 2 days. threw this edit together havent posted much lately so hopefully you enjoy! ps jumps are in R&D. let me know what you think! peace.

kyle coxworth sponsor tape

by Coxworth
Sep 2013 - 10.5K views

mostly footage i have already posted in other edits, this is just a condensed version i put together with a couple shots from the past season aswell. figured i would post it here

A Good Start / Right Now

by Coxworth
Dec 2013 - 1.3K views

the result of filming from opening weekend to now. thanks to dagmar for a sweet park and everyone who helped film! skiers : Bryson Gibbons, Carter Gibbons, Daniel Robinson, Devin Paterson, Jackson Case, Scotty Carrick

On My Own

by Coxworth
Apr 2014 - 2.1K views

Great skiing and good vibes over a weekend at Blue Mountain as the season in ontario slowly comes to an end. thanks to bloom outerwear! thanks to josh kuettel for the Intro shot aswell! enjoy the surf.

Roadtrip to Killington

by Coxworth
Nov 2014 - 2.7K views

Kyle rasmus and I dipped it out to Killington Parks for a weekend cause shots matta! Enjoy! Thanks Bloom Outerwear & Line Skis Thanks to the park crew for keepin it clean and kevin for hooking us up!

Kyle Coxworth 14-15

by Coxworth
Mar 2015 - 6.2K views

Thanks to Bloom Outerwear and Line skis for helping me out this season! from it starting in Killington for the opening weekend to early morning park builds at dagmar to traveling all over ontario for competitons to a broken collarbone. which definitely spoiled a lot for what i had worked for but after all its just skiing. remember to just have fun and appreciate every chance you get to ski wether its 5 times a year or every single day. its too fun for any of that. I Hope you enjoy!

The Good old days

by Coxworth
Oct 2015 - 1.4K views

Its my first time back on the skis since I broke my collarbone and I must say it was all time! every trick I ended up riding away from got me so stoked to be back at it. looking forward to the upcoming season.

Kyle Coxworth in whistler

by Coxworth
Dec 2015 - 1.6K views

Its been a sick time out here in Whistler so far, I had been blessed by the presence of Raz for a true christmas miracle. Got to ski with him a few times while i wasn't working and had some classic times. Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and this mini film featuring Alex Dube and Sam Degroot!

Filmed by : Kyle Rasmus, Kyle Coxworth, Alex Dube, Sam Degroot

Glacier Operations

by Coxworth
Oct 2016 - 2.6K views

Spent the summer on the blackcomb glacier working a ripping around with the homies, Bum knee had me on rails only but I worked on the technique and had a kil...

Feliz Navidad

by Coxworth
Dec 2016 - 1.2K views

This is a Merry christmas and happy holidays from the boys! Order of appearance : Ettiene Geoffroy, Sergei Siritov, Kyle Rasmus, Lucas Vianna, and Kyle Coxworth

Untimely Fashion

by Coxworth
Apr 2017 - 1.7K views

Thank you to everyone who was apart of making this! may the man in the red pants be forever free and may we carry on the stoke.

Coxworth Summer 17' iPhone flex

by Coxworth
Jul 2017 - 1.5K views

I roughly threw 12,000 pounds of salt this summer making public park run real butta! Had so much fun on my skis this summer was sick! Thanks to the homies that filmed and made it all happen! C: Mark Allas, Conner Harris, Duncan Milne, Kyler Lang