Ted Shred's Rope Sesh

by Mr.Huck
Mar 2009 - 5.4K views

Back flipping a closure rope. Tough to get speed and hit was like 1/4. Tough to flip and had to stay tucked to keep from catching on the rope. Didn't get it right the first time.


by Mr.Huck
Oct 2009 - 7.7K views

10/30/09. Attempting first on ski back flip of the season on tow in front yard jump. Epic splosion!

Switch into lodgepole.

by Mr.Huck
Mar 2010 - 4K views

Skiing with my kids. Filming them with my Drift X170 POV Cam. Skiing switch and just forgot where I was on the hill. This missed being catastrophic by inches. Great selling point for the durability of the Drift Cam. It was ripped right off of my helmet but it's completely fine. By the way; 9 out of 10 doctors recommend that you not do this!

Blade Runner I

by Mr.Huck
Mar 2010 - 2.8K views

Messing around with angles. Sorry for the embed, but I have tried 4 times to upload this MPEG and I get conversion fail every time.

February Jibbin!

by Mr.Huck
Feb 2011 - 2.3K views

Haters will hate, and there's a lot to hate here. You may hate me, Elvis, Linkin Park or night vision. We aren't that good and no one's doing pretzels. We aren't sagging enough and our t's aren't tall enough. On top of all that, the video is too long, and there's no gangsta rap in it.

Switch Nastar

by Mr.Huck
Apr 2011 - 1.6K views

I heard that Vail Resorts Management gets pissed when you ski Nastar switch so I had to do it. This was my first time trying it. Next time I will try to hit the gates. :-)


by Mr.Huck
May 2011 - 2.1K views

Tried about 15 times to upload this, but it kept failing so embedded from Youtube. This is was a senior class project for VMS class of 1984. It was filmed on super 8. Note worthy things in this video are an almost skied out 10 attempted on 223 CM downhill skis and several attempts at a front full which look more like cork 7's.