February in Alta

by wasatch_rat
Mar 2018 - 242 views

Early season in utah was worse than i have ever seen it, there was barely any snow for all of December and January. Then rIght as I was about to give up on the season, February came through in full force, so I made a quick little edit. Pray for snow!

Doused - Lucien Rouse

by wasatch_rat
Jul 2018 - 528 views

flippydoos, spinny twirlies and grindy slidies on skis in utah and oregon. Thanks to powder house ski shops and all the friends and family, you know who you are

YEA! (layed out dub backy)

by wasatch_rat
Feb 2019 - 951 views

Missing grabs is still cool right? Couple shots from the last few crazy weeks at alta. Really stoked on that dub backy, first one i've ever been able to lay out the entire way

Park was closed this season

by wasatch_rat
Apr 2019 - 718 views

All my favorite shots from utah's unreal 18-19 winter so far, not including park stuff (that'll come after my trip to mt hood). This was my 10th season skiing the wasatch mountains and it was by far my favorite. Dropped out of school, built more jumps, toured up more peaks, and overall had more powder filled smiles this season than I ever have. There's still a little bit of skiing left to be had, but I wanted to make an edit of what I've done so far. Thanks for filming Stephen Pille, Dixon Lewis, Jeff Stevens, Jason Child and anyone I may have forgotten, you guys rock like a narrow canoe.

Spring skinning flow

by wasatch_rat
Apr 2020 - 189 views

The dub backy was actually an unused angle from april last year, it didn't feel right to send one during the shutdown. But the rest is fun flowy stuff from the alta area after the shutdown, all accessed via skinning and jumps built by avy shovels.