Flat rail

by dpickles12
Jan 2010 - 3K views

Quick all around/rail sesh at whitefish mtn resort terrain park.. skiers=danner pickering and billy biolo. 08=09

One Day in the park

by dpickles12
Feb 2010 - 4.3K views

Armada: blue/pink with orange pnts-danner pickering, with ryan in blue an yellow and aaron in blue and an orange jacket skiing a day at whitefish mtn resorts terrain park..

Warm UPS

by dpickles12
Mar 2010 - 3.5K views

Quick warmup in danners backyard before we head up the Mtn. early spring season morning
Portugal. the man-work all day

Mid season edit 2

by dpickles12
Mar 2010 - 6.8K views

Big mtn Edit day 1
late winter skiing whitefish mtn resorts fishbowl terrain park.. skiers: danner pickering(purple, orange),
Jonas Magstadt(red, black)
Jordan Johannsen(green, Brown)

Mid season edit 1

by dpickles12
Mar 2010 - 6.4K views

DAY 2 of a late winter early spring skiing on whitefish mtn resorts fishbowl terrain park.. skiers: danner pickering(flannel, orange),
Jordan Johannsen(green, Brown)
meredith reed(black, camo)
and friends
song: portugal. the man-the home

Spring CoLoRs

by dpickles12
Apr 2010 - 5K views

Danner Pickerings re-edit slow mo with some colorsssss..
main tricks of the spring season..
Band of Horses-The Funeral
Edited by Danner Pickering


by dpickles12
May 2010 - 2.9K views

Snow still covered whitefish mtn resort and we take advantage of it and hit up an urban rail. may 5th 2010.
Edited by danner pickering
rider: danner pickering

Winter RE-cap

by dpickles12
Jun 2010 - 2.3K views

Winter re-cap tease of whitefish mtns terrain park.. danner pickering jordan johannsen and friends.
edited by danner pickering

Early Season in Montana

by dpickles12
Dec 2010 - 2.8K views

Late October skiing.. Fresh Air riders Danner Pickering and Aaron Mcchesney joining dillon sleitcher for an early preseason jam.. check out Fresh Air Clothing on Facebook

Lil Heavenly Edit

by dpickles12
Dec 2010 - 2.9K views

Danner pickering, Alex Hinderman, and Jordan Johannsen skiin some pow an park at heavenly early December. filmed and edited by chance noffsinger