by MatRich
Aug 2009 - 3.6K views

An edit I made of a BBQ, made it just to play around with new styles and techniques. PLEASE rate and/ or comment, I want to know what people think

First go pro edit

by MatRich
Jan 2010 - 3.2K views

I was bored and didint have my programs to edit but I decided to do it anyways. Its only like 3 clips because converting files with what I had was a bitch. it still looks pretty sweet though.

One day Edit

by MatRich
Feb 2010 - 3.1K views

Me and Vincent charette skiing this early season. I had the footage lying around and I was bored so I decided to edit. so here it is


by MatRich
Mar 2010 - 3.3K views

This is fool tv, a short video spoofing a few things in the ski industry. I had to make a monologue for my film class so I went to town

H1Z1 part 2

by MatRich
Jul 2010 - 4.3K views

H1n1 vaccine error causes zombie epidemic.... my student film from this year... I was co director, D.O.P, writer and editor.

Epic down flat down edit

by MatRich
Jan 2011 - 3.8K views

Not much to say apart from, it was fun and we got some good shots before heading out. this is an edit I slapped together in less than an hour after I got back. Shot on the 7D edited in fcp using magic bullet and twixtor.

Mat Rich 2010 Promo

by MatRich
Mar 2011 - 3.3K views

Enjoy my edit, this is a bit of a sponsor me I guess, since I have competition results and no sponsors what so ever. Its my first year shooting and I didnt get to film as much as I wanted but hey. Comment and rate please

Cape cod urban preview

by MatRich
Jan 2012 - 1.2K views

We have been silently shooting our first episode of where is cape cod. here is a little bit of what to expect for the first episode! tommorow we are going to sherbrook to shoot the epic land of urban rails. Expect the first of the new episodes within the next month.


by MatRich
Nov 2012 - 2K views

Ben Provost and Mat RIch, preseason day at MSB, enjoying some rails LA river style! BOOM SHACKA LACKA!


by MatRich
Jan 2013 - 7.4K views

4 hours in the park with Ben Provost and Mat Rich. Sorry for the gayness, its all just fun. If this generates enough buzz we will be doing more high quality videoclip/ ski edit mashups like this.