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El Nino que no Llego

by Cheech_Sander
Nov 2016 - 182 views

"There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love." -Martin Luther King Last winter, we were promised the "GODZILLA el nino", only to have it be an (almost exactly) average winter. But when you're 30 years old, an average season doing what you love with exceptional people is nothing to complain about. I'm pretty sure MLK didn't ski, but his holiday is the #1 ski weekend of the year. So, I present: "El nino que no Llego". Looking forward to learning new tricks in my 30s. -cheech

Mulligan Season

by Cheech_Sander
Jun 2014 - 2.9K views

The edit for guys that don't deserve one. Mammoth had the worst drought in 50 years, but we still managed to get a couple lame rail tricks. Yes, we may be a couple of injured 28 year olds clinging to their youth, but we still had fun. There's always next year!

Behind The Scenes at X Games 2012 - Episode 1

by Cheech_Sander
Jan 2012 - 5K views

Here's the first episode of our behind the scenes coverage of Winter X Games 16 in Aspen, Colorado, which takes a look at Men's Ski Slopestyle Elimination and Women's Ski Slopestyle Finals, featuring interviews with Tom Wallisch, Bobby Brown, Nick Goepper and Kaya Turski.

Sean Trotter Mini View

by Cheech_Sander
May 2011 - 2.5K views

Sean Trotter miniview from the 2009-2010 season. Hot rail action from Mammoth, CA and Aspen, CO. Sean is a student at University of Southern California. Shot by Sean and edited by Cheech Sander.

NSTV X Games - Day 4

by Cheech_Sander
Feb 2010 - 6.8K views

Highlights from superpipe finals and high air on the final day of Winter X Games 14, including interviews with John Symms, Matt Margetts, Xavier Bertoni, Jossi Wells, Kevin Rolland and Peter Olenick.


by Cheech_Sander
Feb 2010 - 4.6K views

K2's infamous graphic designer Ryan Schmies fills us in on everything we need to know and then some on K2's rockin' new line-up of skis.

JOSS Awards

by Cheech_Sander
Apr 2009 - 7.2K views

A rundown of the JOSS Awards, including the team's introductions and Schmuck interviewing the men of the hour, TEAM NORWAY.

NSTV: Jon Olsson Super Sessions 5

by Cheech_Sander
Mar 2009 - 5.7K views

The bad weather continues to force the skiers, filmmakers and photographers to adapt, not only for night shoots, but also for hitting tricks in heavy snow and poor visibility. NOTE: lately NSTV has not been very "trick-heavy" because of the sensitivity that each team is regarding its footage this year. However, with tonight's contest as well as other recent events, we at NS have taken your comments seriously and can promise more skiing in future episodes.