365 March Edit

by .j.Scrilla
Mar 2009 - 5.3K views

Shot last week over two days at the Castleford Snowdome in the UK. Help with the editing from Andy Collin from Unity Productions

My go at all 8

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Apr 2009 - 4.4K views

Not in one run that would take all night! and slight problem in the snowdome that there are about three features before the bottom.

The Super 8

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Sep 2009 - 5.2K views

Friday Night, got the super 8 down.
All 8 with a 4 out instead of a 2.
Big ups to Roockley the Rookie
Shout outs to Unity Productions and the 365 crew

The Black Label Project "Moonlight Edition"

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Aug 2010 - 9.6K views

This is the Black Label Project's Entry for the Britain's Got Skiers Competition.

The Black Label Project is Jamie Lawson and Joe Tomlinson. I have remixed some shots from our other editions. Its mostly shot in Mayrhofen with a few clips from the Castleford Snowdome and an undisclosed back country location in the UK!

The song is called Lupin NiT GriT

Thanks for watching.....

London Freeze 2010, Black Label Project "Rain" Edition

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Nov 2010 - 6.7K views

Here is the Black Label Project at the London Freeze ski and music Festival 2010

Sorry for the delay, been mad busy last week and only just got some time to myself to get this done.

This is a collabaration betweeen Unity Productions and the Black Label Project. It is a collection of footage we shot over the weekend. Its called "Rain Edition" because of the predictable British Weather that loves to reak havoc on this event!

Skiers in order:

Joe Tomlinson, Gus Kenworthy, Henrik Harlaut, Oscar Harlaut, Jacob Wester, Russ Henshaw, James "Woodsy" Woods, Paddy Graham, Bobby Brown, Elias Ambuhl, Jon Olson.

I am sure that there a many others you would like to see but we struggled a bit with co-ordinating take off and landing shots so this is an overview of the better footage we had. Its a mix of shots from the saturday night practice session, sunday morning practice and the sunday finals.

The final three runs are shown here and are shot from the Judges area, as they would see them. (thanks to Danny Roockley for getting these!) Jacob won with a dub 12, Jon second with his dub 10 and Henrik third with a switch dub 10 (i missed the shot!) beating Russ who landed a switch dub 9 and fell on a switch dub 10. Henrik went for a dub 12 blunt but didnt stick it sadly.

There is a good write up of the event at the unity website here :​home/​?p=354 with some banging photos taken by Harry Foskett

Thanks to Rob Embling who shot most of this.

Don't forget to check out The Daily Grind, Unity's second movie, available to watch for free here:​movie.html

On the music front Roni Size and Pendulum killed it, not forgetting the Loose Cannon Playaz who destroyed the Relentless stage on Saturday. From the slope to the party we hit it HARD this weekend.

We all hope the Freeze will be back next year for more fun

The Black Label Project will return soon!!

"Diggin' in the Crates"- Black Label Project

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Jan 2011 - 7.5K views

A pre season review from the Black Label Project. Featuring riders, Jamie Lawson, Andy Collin, Joe Tomlinson, Nathan Conolly and Lynsey Ashdown
This episode showcases what we have been up to since the London Freeze and the "Rain" Edition. The opening Section is filmed at the Castleford Sno!Zone featuring the riding of Jamie Lawson. Then we move on to Les Diablerets and Glacier 3000 which had a banging pre season park set up. Andy Collin shows us his diverse riding in this section with Jamie and a cameo from Lynsey Ashdown. The UK experienced some epic winter conditions at the start of December. While the country was at a standstill, we took full advantage and hit up urban spots around are home towns of Leeds and Manchester. Joe Tomlinson, Nathan Conolly got down to business on a container in Manchester and we attempted a bus shelter Jib. Stay tuned las we will be in poland next week on an urban mission Joe and Nathan are preparing to release their third blog of the season from Livingio