Skilluminati - ODA (Full movie)

May 2021 - 18.8K views

"A six-year project from our Latvian friends, with mind-blowing production and crazy spots."

Latest film breaks modern ski film trends with fantasy myth story blended with authentic skiing. Film revives “mountaineering” genre with “art house” synergy.

Same as lyrical structured ancient Greek poem - ODA is satirical and serious at once. Praises an events and individual experience which comes with skiing and the circumstances that affect it. From ice age , skis has been an irreplaceable tool for humans,but due to global tendencies skiing has changed since then. Film authors heatedly stands for new ideas, taking the skiing to its latest point - urban skiing.

#ODAMOVIE is mainly financed by private assets and technically supported by sponsors. All earnings will be invested in latvian future freeskiing scene.

Zach Ryan- Arapahoe Basin 2021

by ZachRyan
Oct 5th - 5.1K views

Nothing like Arapahoe Basin.

Thanks to everyone that made this project possible
Ian Zinner for shooting and the rest of Arapahoe Basin's staff
Sketchy Pete Saviano behind the lens
Jack Benziger for help on the cut
Jason Levinthal and Taylor Bibaud at JSKIS

Kendall Goodman - 2021 Solo Part

by k3ndall.g
Oct 6th - 3.4K views

Stoked to show you guys what I got up last winter! I had a ton of fun and was lucky enough to catch some of it on camera. Massive thanks to all the homies who made it such a special year, and to K2 Skis and Panda Poles for providing such instrumental support! Hyped to do it all over again this year!

Shooting: Friends, Family, and @lukabees
Editing: Self
Logo Animation: @bobbyeldraw
Soundtrack Mixing: Self

#1: Blasé (Louis the Child Remix) [Jack Green Flip]
#2: Breathe - Curbi
#3: Believe In Me - MARTEN HØRGER

"Freehand" - Jake Mageau

by Level1
Oct 19th - 2.4K views

Level 1 presents Freehand. Featuring the skiing of Jake Mageau, directed by Brady Perron. Supported by Fat Tire, Tall T Productions, ON3P Skis, Xevo Optics, and Wells Lamont.

An unconventional piece from an unconventional year. Leaving behind the arbitrary time constraints and lofty expectations of XGames Real Ski, last winter Jake skied for the love. Living in the same Salt Lake City neighborhood as Brady, they shot all year within 30 minutes of their homes, forgoing travel to find inspiration nearby. The result is a piece that only they could have created - down to earth, accessible, creative, and mind-blowing, all at once.

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