Provo Bros. Desert Spines - Southern Utah

by ian_provo
Dec 2010 - 7.2K views

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" The 2009-2010 winter was not an average winter for Utah. The mountains in the north were plagued with sporadic snowfalls and dangerous avalanche conditions, while the southern regions were reaping the benefits of a strong el nino pattern. Neil and I had wanted to explore the ski terrain in southern utah for many years, but we knew we had to wait for the right snow year.

Early last winter, we made a few recon missions and found the kind of terrain we were looking for. Truly beautiful and inspiring ski terrain that none of us had ever seen before. Finally in late March, myself, Neil, and Josh Finbow made one more attempt at skiing and filming some lines before the strong desert sun melted them out for good.

A combination of good timing and preparation, along with a little luck, led to some of the wildest riding we had ever encountered. The whole time we felt so lucky to be skiing this exotic, weird terrain under such good conditions. It really seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity so we treated it as such. Utah's color country might provide the perfect postcard image for millions of tourists, but when it's covered in snow, its the skiers and boarders who can become inspired by the incredible landscape and find new ways to enjoy it." ian provo

Snurf Ya Later - The Provo Bros

by ian_provo
Jan 2011 - 5.5K views


Produced, edited, filmed by and starring Ian and Neil Provo ~ Shot on location -Utah backcountry ~ December - January 2011

"For the last 10 years, Neil and I have been riding boards through the powder without bindings. What started as preseason fun on rails and kickers with the early Premier snowskates, has evolved into a new passion and a new way to experience the powder covered mountains. Without bindings, powder surfing has been like taking a step back in time, providing a timeless feeling that really connects you back to the roots. By de-progressing the boards we ride, we actually opened up a whole new set of challenges and goals. After 22 years of riding on snow, it feels amazing to discover something so new and fresh. If you can't have an indonesian overhead tube, than the next best thing might be a 2500 foot powder pipe in Utah!" - Ian provo