Fun at Stratton

by miroz
Mar 2007 - 3.7K views

While all the pros were tearing up the VTO, we were chilling in the parks...I liked this song so much I had to use it again

Foolin around

by miroz
Mar 2007 - 3K views

We had no school today because there was no power so Wil and I decided to play around. We had no snow so this was the best we could manage without making a mess or breaking anything

Mt. Snow Much?

by miroz
Apr 2007 - 9.7K views

Our last day well spent at mt. snow - don't burn me on my weak mute or the beginning timelapse, i know its shaky

Beach Fun

by miroz
Aug 2007 - 2.8K views

A week in Misquamicut, RI with Wil and Charlie, one of the first times i've messed with artistic videography...

EMS Rail Jam

by miroz
Oct 2007 - 2.4K views

I only put in glastonbury kids, but whatever...did anyone else go? i might have gotten you on film and if you want to see it, let me know

Livin' the Dream Teaser

by miroz
May 2008 - 8.8K views

This is a little teaser of my movie of our little crew. We don't cork, we don't pretzel, but we have fun doing what we love and living our dreams on skis.

A Colorado Summer Edit

by miroz
Jul 2008 - 8.8K views

For the July 4th weekend I went and stayed with my cousin at his Cabin in Colorado, 10 min from Wolf Creek. Check it out, and yes I admit it, I used Something Corporate because it fit. Deal with it.

A Summer Edit

by miroz
Aug 2008 - 7.7K views

Radio Union Media summer...messing around with changing songs.

Diving, backyard booting, boxes, whatever.

My G-suit edit

by miroz
Sep 2008 - 4.4K views

Not really contesting for the top spot...just trying to show how I spent my summer. Good timesing it up.

Post-Movie Backyard Session

by miroz
Dec 2008 - 5.8K views

After watching the MeatHead movie at our high school, we went to Jake's for a session. Watch it to the end for me! Filmed/edited by Zack Matthews.