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Jan 2018 - 2.7K views

skiing/snowboarding by:
markus rustad, alexander klerud, brage richenberg, emil larsen, magnus norsteng, anders karlsen, ea midtvold
music: wifigawd - trenches to riches, steven cannon - dawg shit

Seidel 4

May 2015 - 5.3K views

Skiing by

Rafael Garrido
Magnus Skotte Nørsteng
Simen Aarseth Gjelsvik
Siver Voll
Simen Nygård

Music by

Gold'n Haze - Cream II prod DRAE |
Dank Ft. Yung Simmie (prod. Lowkey Damian) |

Edited by Magnus Skotte Nørsteng

Seidel 3

Apr 2015 - 1.2K views

Third Installment of Seidel.

Magnus Skotte Nørsteng

Samsung Tale 30 (Pristine recording)
Captain Murphy - Mighty Morphin Foreskin

Thank you Dynastar, PimpHands and Øyewear

Seidel 2

Mar 2015 - 2.1K views

This is the second installment of Seidel, which basically is footage compiled from the last month or so.


Nell - The Message
Young Scooter - On The Radar
Pristine - Intro (
Bones & Dylan Ross - TheIvy

Hittin Hooks

Apr 2014 - 1.7K views

A few raillaps at Geilo, had to be b&w because I fucked the white balance thing up. //Skiing by// Rafael Garrido Magnus Skotte Nørsteng Siver Voll Hallvard Hovland //Music by// LORD QUAS //Edit// Magz

Magnus Skotte Nørsteng MIXTAPE

May 2013 - 4.1K views

This is a collection of both used and unused footage I've casually been getting over the past 3 years, filmed by various people with different cameras, on numerous mountains. A huge thanks goes to DYNASTVR SKIS PIMP HANDS OYEWEAR Thanks to my good friends in Wordup Meida and Nabon Webisodes for providing me with footage, along with Vegard Øye and a bunch of other people. Music: ASAP Ferg - Work (Remix)

MaGz Season Edit 2010/2011

May 2011 - 2.2K views

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get that many shots this season, mainly because my camera broke last summer in a car crash. So this is basically what I came up with, and yes, I know I've used like all of the clips before. Aand my computer is all fucked up, so while rendering I lost a few shots, and the logo is also a bit fucked.. But whatever

G's on Bladez

Jun 2010 - 6.3K views

Another easter edit, a year after the tremendous success with "Gays on Blades". This time the short "gayblades" are strapped on yet again, but now with a different steeze.. (Made with a bit irony)

New Year shred in Hafjell

Jan 2010 - 4.5K views

Gabriel Gallardo, MaGz, Herman Fjøss, Elvis Harsheim, Adrian Sylte, Ketil Jansen, Lars Hafsal, Ludde Staff, Yens Gunhildrud. AAAH EYAHHHHH...

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May 2009 - 7.9K views

I finally managed to make a promo for this season, used a couple of hours on it, but still im satisfied.

And yeah, if anybody out there wants to sponsor me, (I got NONE SPONSORS) please let me know!

Filefjell thae Edit! Ya diig

Apr 2009 - 7.4K views

Ye, this is some of the shots we've shot last weekend in Filefjell. Some of the shots was shot in a wrong shutter speed, but else than that, everything turned out well. So enjoy!


Lars Haakon Hafsal
sondre Hermundstad
Martin Klungland
Magnus Skotte Nørsteng (me)