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SKI PSA: Fun Without Meth

by Swaggermager
Sep 2017 - 2.5K views

Danny is a creature of the Oregonian forests and like most of us, he is a creature of habit. However, unlike most of us, his habit was meth. Not at all from Danny, we learned that it is in fact possible to have fun without meth.

At one point, Danny said, "One night I did 3 eightballs of coke and didn't get high. The next day I got some meth". Major Druggo.

Fun with friends in the forest and on the mountain is what Hood is about for us.

Riders: Jack Graham, Ian Avery-Leaf, Zach "Smeegs" Preobrazhensky, Jon Fox and Sam Horton

Shot/cut: Alex Mager
Music: "Whisperilllistentohearit" by Spoon

Four Laps

by Swaggermager
Feb 2016 - 2.6K views

I took 4 laps at Alta with Drew Hartley, Daniel McFadden and Mali Noyes on just one of the deep afternoons in January.

Gliding on a Dream

by Swaggermager
Apr 2015 - 917 views

My entry to the 2015 Share The Shred video contest held at Westminster College. This got 3rd place.
See first hand the hard work it takes to be a true athlete. As you can see in the video, these athletes aren't just doing 1 type of training: cross training between the elite sports of Disco Roller Skating and Snowlerblading is the only way for these professionals to do what they do at the level they do it. There are also a lot of different philosophies that these elite athletes use to try and relate the beauty of their sport to the real world.

Alex Mager 2014- Paying The Rent

by Swaggermager
Jul 2014 - 1.8K views

This was my first season not skiing park in Minnesota and it was great! I skied a little urban, less park, and mostly big mountain at Snowbird. I can't wait until next season when I can clean everything up, go bigger and do some tricks!

Montucky Break

by Swaggermager
Mar 2014 - 1.5K views

This spring break, we took a road trip, filled with a variety of different radio stations, from Salt Lake City to Bozeman, Montana for a night of partying with some friends before an epic day of skiing at Big Sky. From there we traveled to West Yellowstone for 3 days of backcountry snowmobiling and riding. We were lucky enough to get snow during the first 2 days and the 3rd day cleared off for an all time bluebird day in the backcountry. From here we went back to Salt Lake just in time the catch the next storm and had yet another bluebird powder day with about a foot of fresh on the ground. Its pretty safe to say that this spring break was the cat's pajamas.

Winter Break In the Land of 10,000 Handrails

by Swaggermager
Jan 2014 - 915 views

It was an extremely cold winter break but that didn't stop us from going out and doing what we love, skiing, and although Minnesota is pretty flat, there is a huge selection of urban features to hit in the Twin Cities area as well as some fun parks.

Summit Summer Sesh

by Swaggermager
Oct 2013 - 883 views

Our local board shop has a summer set up behind the store so we got together with some friends and had an awesome time skiing at Summit Board shop. Riders: Ross Dembsky, John Knopf, Steve Janisch, Alex Mager, Bradon Nelson, Ben Zins, Tyler Burandt, Seth Shuster, Shane McNally, Craig Weiler

Alex Mager 2013 mnrepshow video contest entry

by Swaggermager
Jul 2013 - 762 views

This is my entry for the 2013 Minnesota Represent Show video contest for the mnrepshow award. I did a lot of skiing and filming with a lot of people this past season. It was a great season for all and everyone was throwing down hard all winter. Riders in order of appearance: John Knopf, Alex Mager, Cody Schenkelberg, Courtney Osbourne, Josh Guslander, Ben McCabe, Michael Mamalakis, Mitch Linsley, Kieren Rettler, Kyle O'Neil, Kyle Schenkelberg, Mitch Forsythe, Steve Janisch and Tanner Seymour

Alex Mager 2012-2013 Season Edit

by Swaggermager
Jul 2013 - 690 views

I rode more than I've ever ridden this past winter. I was lucky enough to have ridden with The Minnesota Represent Show Crew ( which allowed me to ride Trollhaugen, Powder Rodge, Elm Creek and Hyland hills this past winter and they were all very fun parks.

Spring TROLLin

by Swaggermager
Apr 2013 - 545 views

We took a few trips to Trollhaugen in Dresser, Wisconsin in the spring to check out their park and shred with Josh Guslander. This park is easily the best park I rode all year and it was prime from preseason until close thanks to Josh and all the other hard working park crew members. If you haven't been to troll and are looking for a sick park to ride, check it out. It doesn't have just 1 park, or 2 parks but 3 PARKS! And they're all a good time to ride. This whole edit was shot in only one of the parks because we loved it so much we didn't even venture into the other parks much. Skiing by Alex Mager, John Knopf, Craig Weiler, Josh Guslander, Aaron Hunter and Andrew Ahlstrom. I re-uploaded this to vimeo because youtube took the song out

The Minnesota Represent Show at Powder Ridge

by Swaggermager
Apr 2013 - 534 views

John Knopf and Alex Mager (me) took 2 day trips up to Powder ridge in Kimball, MN in March to check out their set up. We ended up shredding with some locals the first day and joining up with some other riders from the twin cities the second day. We got to meet Mike, the park crew manager at Powder Ridge and had a great time riding the park he spends so much time on. Enjoy! Music: Evan Gillen

2 Hours With Cody Schenkelberg

by Swaggermager
Mar 2013 - 58 views

I filmed some lines with Cody at Hyland Hills a couple days ago. This is what we got. This was my first time using magic lantern on my t2i and my first time using premiere pro. I couldn't figure out why it was shooting black and white on the hill so I went with it.