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Urban sign jib bomb drop

by crunkasfuck
Dec 2008 - 8.6K views

I'm so amazed we didn't get shut down, two cops drove by, they most likely had more important things to do. we got lucky and jibed one of those impossible jib's. plus the record snow fall in a town that never gets snow! each skier only got a few hits and after they each landed 1 trick we peaced the f%&k out, it was only a matter of time before the cops would have showed up!

My avalanche experiences

by crunkasfuck
Dec 2006 - 5K views

This was a coulpe years ago i was 15. We started this slide, and me and my buddy were taken off our feet, we were able to stop sliding, I am taking the video from my back were I slid to!! Fucking scary, wish I had gotten it on tape! Was not a small avalanche either!