by bigwhite.steeze
Jul 2012 - 110 views

A look at the winter from one of the few area`s that got snow this past winter. cat skiing, kootenay powder, whistler spring time, a broken hand and a whole lot of pabst blue ribbon.


by bigwhite.steeze
Oct 2012 - 137 views

Nearly 7 days spent in the magical old growth forests of the Shambhala Farm led me to produce this legendary piece of videographical amazement...HA! This is what you get when you drop someone in the middle of the trippiest forest from alice in wonderland, coupled with 100's of thousands of watts of PK sound, the most amazing, happy and energetic people i hope to ever meet, and the most innovative music producers known, and unknown in the world today. Sprinkle in a taste of this and that, and you've got an adventure that could be topped by few things on earth!

Ever try filming yourself?

by bigwhite.steeze
Jan 2013 - 2.3K views

its hard. but can be successful! this is what i got from a day of filming on a stick in telus park, i have much more respect for the pros that have done it, try it out, legit. telus park 2012! Team Edit March 2013

by bigwhite.steeze
Mar 2013 - 869 views

Webisode number 2 of the 12/13 season highlights the team riders throwing down across Canada doing what they do best. is Canadas premier online supplier of ski,snowboard and bike equipment based out of Kelowna B.C. Riders : Bryce Bugera, Evan Berg, Kira Byers, Noah Morrison, Pat Monteith, Tyson Oland, Hunter Visser, Mat Glenn, Paul Passek, Jordan Walker, Zach Salloum Edit By Mat Glenn

Patrick Monteith | The Big White Fiasco

by bigwhite.steeze
Apr 2013 - 1.5K views

Feast your eyes on this vague collection of highlights from a ski season of past at the legendary and mysterious, Big White Ski Resort (its the snow). The days of filming were few and short due to heavy work schedules, excessive good times, ominous black fog and the allure of choking on nipple deep enjoy what has been created, like you would enjoy a fine glass of red wine with a pairing of smoked gouda and oysters...and oh yeah...Lyman Currier stole my song...the bastard