BMOS Trollin

by blackskier206
Jul 2013 - 5.5K views

I got to live in Colorado this winter and had so many good time getting down at Key and Breck. This edit was put together from two days of filming when Steve Step and other 4BI9 homies came out to Colorado Trollin.

BMOS A Summer Of Survival

by blackskier206
Mar 2016 - 5.2K views

Stepped up into the head ski coach position this past summer. What an amazing and challenging experience. As a team the freeski program was able to deal with the low snowlevels and create an outstanding camper experience. Oh and of course throw down!
Big thanks to Windell's, Timberline Resort and the Media crew at Windell's for holding it down this past summer.

BMOS WF?: Introducing the HYPHY Flip

by blackskier206
Nov 2016 - 37.3K views

Back in 2013 I brought to the world the Dre Flip. This past summer it was taken to the next level. Switch early 180 to dub front. Please correct me if someone else has done this before... And for those that don't know, no one does the Dre Flip like the Black Man On Skis!


by blackskier206
Dec 2016 - 4.7K views

Nick is a boss, hooked it up, invited me and the crew out to shred and film the Mammoth UnBOUND parks last spring. We turned Mammoth up! Spring laps at Mammoth are the shiznit!
Peep game on this sick day of shredding.

BMOS Summer 16

by blackskier206
Jan 2017 - 12.2K views

5 of the last 6 summers I have spent on Mt. Hood. I had nothing to train for this past summer so I skied for myself and accomplished goals that I have had for a long time. If this was my last summer on Hood, I can step away knowing I finished my way!

Big thanks to Windell's Camp, Armada, Saga and 4BI9!