Hood Crew - Holiday Edit

by MiniMeDanny
Jan 2008 - 11.8K views

Holiday edit from Mt. Hood Meadows, featuring the skiing of Joey Vandermeer (HoodSkia), Justin Bleich (Thermos), Pat Dailey (HoodLum), Danny Schwartz (MiniMeDanny), Brian Spere (Spere), Mychal Foerster (Mychal), Will Clark (HoodCoast), and others


by MiniMeDanny
Dec 2011 - 636 views

raging face all fucking day at the mountain. edits only a minute or so.. cuts out so you can get down to the slumper

Featured Feature: Fairfax Terrace

by MiniMeDanny
Aug 2014 - 2.3K views

Went to this spot twice since I realized it would be best filmed with a GoPro. The residents in this neighborhood are real friendly and invited us over for drinks. Shout-out to Ricky Torres (Future Smart) for providing this video with some groovy music.