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*NEW TRICK* Nutcracka

by schlopy
Dec 2014 - 921 views

My snowboard friend Hunter and I switched sports for a day, so in spirit of the holidays he does a very difficult maneuver, which he calls the Nutcracker

Joss & Schlopy Episode 1- Park City Opening Week!

by schlopy
Dec 2009 - 9.7K views

Joss Christensen and I, (Alex Schlopy) have been friends for a long time, and just recently we decided to make a "video blog" which will be a bunch of edits that follow us through the ski season and outline some of the good times. This is just a preview of what's to come so keep checking in for Episode 2!

Off Season!

by schlopy
Nov 2009 - 2.3K views

A little look at some stuff I did this summer, I made this edit initially for film class so it's kinda cheesy but it'll do! haha. Ski shots from Josh Finbow, Dylan Keller and Hennie VJ