welcome - Official Trailer

by strictly
Aug 2019 - 7.1K views

A warm and friendly, yet cold and harsh offer.

World Premiere Saturday, October 5 at the Boulder Theater
Tickets available:

Ben Smith, Pete Koukov, Ethan Swadburg, Carson Kerr, Parker Norvell, Calvin Barrett, Sam Zahner

with appearances by
Jonah Williams, Dylan Siggers, Chance Conaty, Nick Hall, Levi Ascher, Taylor Lundquist, Zhach Pham

British Columbia

Andrew Mildenberger
Gavin Rudy
Alex Havey
Owen Dahlberg

Diana Ross - Love Hangover

welcome- the Bootleg!!

by strictly
Sep 2019 - 2.9K views

Behind the scenes of the movie, Welcome.

Premiering on October 5th in Boulder, CO and on November 16th in Bozeman, MT.

Welcome will be online for free this fall.


by strictly
Nov 2019 - 10.4K views

An introduction to the skiing and creations from the Strictly family, a document of our season together spent throughout North America between December 2018 and April 2019.

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a movie by
Andrew Mildenberger & Gavin Rudy

skiing by
Benny Smith, Pete Koukov, Parker Norvell, Sam Zahner, Carson Kerr, Ethan Swadburg, Calvin Barrett, and with appearances from Jonah Williams, Dylan Siggers, Nick Hall, Chance Conaty, Levi Ascher, and Taylor Lundquist

additional filming by
Alex Havey, Owen Dahlberg, Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett, Ethan Swadburg, and Dylan Siggers

supported by
Fat Tire, Icelantic Skis, Jiberish, Flylow, RMU Skis, Line Skis, Obermeyer, Phunkshun Wear

Bermuda Trailer

by strictly
Sep 2020 - 4.5K views

The second full-length ski film from Strictly, Bermuda. Dropping for free - 24-hours only, 1pm October 27-28 - presented by Newschoolers.

Supported by
Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Fat Tire, and Icelantic Skis
Newschoolers, Phunkshun, Jiberish, RMU Skis, J Skis, Obermeyer, and Flylow

Benny Smith, Sam Zahner, Pete Koukov, Parker Norvell, Ethan Swadburg, Calvin Barrett, Taylor Brooke Lundquist, Carson Kerr, McRae Williams, and Levi Ascher

Corporeal by Broadcast


by strictly
Nov 2020 - 125.1K views

a movie by Andrew Mildenberger & Gavin Rudy

skiing by Benny Smith, Pete Koukov, Parker Norvell, Calvin Barrett, Taylor Lundquist, Ethan Swadburg, Carson Kerr, McRae Williams, Sam Zahner, & Levi Ascher

additional filming by Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett, Ethan Swadburg, Jack Pepper, & McRae Williams, Mo Shane

mixing by Avery Shyra
poster design by Jonah Gorder & Sam Winship

supported by Fat Tire, Icelantic, Line, Full Tilt, RMU, Jiberish, JSkis, Flylow, Obermeyer, & Phunkshun Wear

Read more about this project in our Q&A with Newschoolers: