Everyday Is Saturday Trailer

by Vital_Films
Aug 2007 - 19.6K views

Typically, we live our lives day by day, from
Monday to Friday, sun up to sun down. We balance
work with play and end up only relaxing on the
weekend. We can be content living that way or
make everyday what we want it to be. Vital Films
presents "Everyday Is Saturday". Over the past two
years of shooting, Saturday was not just a day of the week. Saturday's were stress free, and soon Saturday happened every day and became the story of our life. From chilling to our travels. Saturday started out as a name and over time it became a way of life.

Yo, Everyday is Saturday, my friends, go to sleep, wake up, yo, its Saturday again.
-One Love

The VITAL/ATA Reel_2008 Edit

by Vital_Films
May 2009 - 11.8K views

Check out our latest ATA/VITAL Edit.

In a industry where there is too much saturation with sponsorships and misdirection...Vital Films is giving you there latest natural creation. No sponsors and no funds, this is as real as you can get. Hopefully you enjoy it!

The Vital Ski Reel MX"2010"

by Vital_Films
Jun 2010 - 5.7K views

Aspen Colorado Vital Films presents The MX Vital Ski Reel. Keeping it local this year! From our usually line up of ATA "Matt Walker, Charlie Lasser, Sam Ferguson, Nate Berkel, and more" Also expanding with local legends Peter Olenick and Chris Davenport. Additional footage provided by Jake @ Empire Attire and Christan Pondella with Chris Davenport.

The Expansion 2011 [Vol 2 - Part 2]

by Vital_Films
Feb 2011 - 3.9K views

Vital Films presents Vol. 2 - Part 2 of our weekly winter ski series The Expansion. This episode features Charlie Lasser jibing Glenwood. And Torin Yater-Wallace preparing to win Silver @ Winter X-Games 15.

Music: One Be Lo
Song: Axis

Catch The Expansion everyday @ 6:00 P.M on Outside T.V Aspen.

The Expansion 2011 [Vol 2 - Part 1]

by Vital_Films
Feb 2011 - 9.7K views

Vital Films presents Vol. 2 part 1 of our weekly winter ski series The Expansion. This episode features Charlie Lasser, Nate Berkel & Aidan Case Sheahan @ Snowmass Colorado.

Music: The Grouch
Song: Yardwork
Album: Show You The World

Catch The Expansion everyday @ 6:00 P.M on Outside T.V Aspen Channel 19.

The Expansion 2011 - Vol. 4

by Vital_Films
Mar 2011 - 4.1K views

Vital Films presents The Expansion Vol. 4! This episode features Aidan Case Sheahan & Nate Berkel @ The 2011 Aspen/Snowmass Open. Also it features a dope urban shoot with Aidan in Glenwood CO,

Shot By: Matt Hobbs, Loren James & Cael Jones

The Expansion 2011 - Vol.5

by Vital_Films
Mar 2011 - 4.4K views

Vital Films presents The Expansion Vol. 4! This episode features Aidan Sheahan & Nate Berkel @ Snowmass CO.

Music By - Cunninlynguists
Song - "Enemies With Benefits"
Album - "Oneirology"

The Expansion 2011 - Vol. 6

by Vital_Films
Apr 2011 - 4.9K views

Vital Films presents The Expansion Vol. 6. This episode features Aidan Sheahan, Torin Yater-Wallace, Nate Berkel, & Tae Westcott at Snowmass CO. Thanks to Aspen/Snowmass for setting up a dope spring time shoot. Also thanks to Dave Amariult with Aspen/Snowmass for additional shots.

Music By Timeline.

If You Want To Fly - Vital Films

by Vital_Films
Sep 2011 - 22.8K views

Vital Films presents "If You Want To Fly". "If You Want To Fly" brings a unique look into the 2011 ski season in Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado. This film was produced with no sponsors, no budget, and is completely free! The movie features athletes such as Matt Walker, Torin Yater-Wallace, Nick Devore, Charlie Lasser, Aidan Sheahan, Sean Jordan, Colter Hinch, Owen Leeper and more.

Vital Films - London Freeze 2011

by Vital_Films
Nov 2011 - 1.6K views

Vital Films presents a look at The London Freeze Festival 2011 featuring Torin Yater-Wallace, Gus Kenworthy & Jossi Wells. Props to Jossi Wells for taking home the gold metal at the event in the United Kingdom on October 28th.

The Expansion 2012 - Vol. 2 [Torin & Aidan]

by Vital_Films
Jan 2012 - 3.3K views

The Expansion "Vol. 2" [Athlete Edit]. This episode features Torin Yater-Wallace and Aidan Sheahan at Snowmass CO for two days in the park on 12-20 & 12-21 //// / | | | ]

The Expansion 2012 - Vol. 3

by Vital_Films
Jan 2012 - 5.9K views

Vital Films presents The Expansion "Vol. 3". This episode features Aidan Sheahan and Torin Yater-Wallace at Snowmass CO for a few days on the new epic tripple line. [ | | | | ] BOOM!

The Expansion 2012 - Vol. 4

by Vital_Films
Feb 2012 - 4.6K views

Vital Films presents The Expansion "Vol. 4". Check out Torin Yater-Wallace take third in the superpipe at Winter X Games 16 just after coming home from his first ever win at The Winter Dew Tour.

Days To Come

by Vital_Films
Jan 2013 - 946 views

Vital Films is Proud to Present "Days to Come" a Groundbreaking Ski Industry Film, Starring hometown hero and four-time X Games medalist, Torin Yater-Wallace. This six-minute film featuring Cineflex and Phantom footage was exclusively shot in Aspen/Snowmass and features Torin Yater-Wallace, Gus Kenworthey, Aidan Sheahan and Jacob Wester. Days To Come mixes stunning imagery of Aspen Colorado with the amazing talents of four athletes in the various award-winning parks at Aspen/Snowmass including the 22-foot Olympic-sized X Games Aspen superpipe. Music By: Blackmill "Miracle" (Available On iTunes @ / /

Aidan Sheahan - "Insight"

by Vital_Films
Dec 2013 - 6.2K views

Vital Films presents "INSIGHT" with Aidan Sheahan. In association with Altitude Filmworks and Aspen/Snowmass. "Insight" shows a unique look into skiing and the power forged within the athletes mind. As action sports athletes must push themselves physically, they also must equally push themselves mentally. Shot using the Cineflex and Octocopter