LINE Traveling Circus 1.1 - Will & Andy go to Hood

by TravelingCircus
Nov 2008 - 31K views

What in the World is The Traveling Circus?

The Traveling Circus documents the crazy lifestyle that is skiing. From desperate struggles to save money, to ridiculous off hill adventures, to epic days on the mountain, episodes will bridge the gap between reality television and action packed ski intensity.

Episode 1- Will and Andy travel to Mt. Hood, Oregon for some summertime fun at Windell's Ski Camp.


LINE Traveling Circus 1.3 - The Incredible Journey

by TravelingCircus
Dec 2008 - 27.4K views

Andy and Will leave the warm temperatures of Western New York State in search of Old Man Winter. They meet fellow snow enthusiasts, explore The World's Largest Truckstop, and experience what early season in Summit County, Colorado has to offer. You can discuss this episode here:

EPISODE 4: Style Coach: Andy get a much needed makeover (stay tuned)

LINE Traveling Circus 2.3 - The Great Western Expansion

by TravelingCircus
Dec 2009 - 27.2K views

On the night of Andy's birthday, The Traveling Circus took to the highways and made a beeline for the west coast. 3,000 miles later we found snow! Episode 3 takes The Circus from rainy New York, through snowy Colorado, and to sunny California. For the entire story visit or follow The Circus on Facebook here:

LINE Traveling Circus 2.2 - No Snow, No Problem

by TravelingCircus
Dec 2009 - 24K views

The east coast is pretty much the same every fall. Pretty leaves, film festivals, colder weather and no snow. To remedy the snow issue join the Line Traveling Circus on a few epic journeys around the northeast of America (and a bit in Canada) to the most random places to find ways to ski. For more on the Line Traveling Circus please visit:

LINE Traveling Circus 2.4 - Mid West Marathon

by TravelingCircus
Jan 2010 - 31.9K views

After flying back home to New York for the Holidays Will and Andy map out a zigzagging course through the mid-west with hardly enough rest, lots of driving and enough skiing to break a mans spirit…Check out the whole story at and follow The Circus here:

LINE Traveling Circus 2.6 - Trains, Planes & Automobiles

by TravelingCircus
Apr 2010 - 29.1K views

The LINE Traveling Circus Season Finale: As winter begins to wind down Will and Andy organize a 2,000-mile tour of California. That means eight people crammed into two cars in search of everything sun and snow. For more episodes, stories and pics go to:

Line Traveling Circus 3.1 Attack of the Sand People

by TravelingCircus
Oct 2010 - 15.7K views

After taking sabbatical from the road and just before the summer camps on Mount Hood closed for the season, The Traveling Circus reunited to begin filming for season three. Episode One documents the wandering summertime travels of the "Sand People" and their battle to ski all summer long.

LINE Traveling Circus 3.3 This is Stupid

by TravelingCircus
Jan 2011 - 23.3K views

Spending eight hours pushing a 250 lb. box up a hill, eating week old pasta while living in a van or flipping through a small hole in tree branches. Episode three documents the some of the most dazed, ill-advised and stupid ways to have fun on skis.

LINE Traveling Circus 5.2 Lord of the Pies

by TravelingCircus
Oct 2012 - 18.1K views

In August Will and Andy, along with the fresh out of broken-knee-cap-rehab LJ Strenio all purchased wildly expensive plane tickets to the other side of the world, specifically to a small island nation in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Once landing on the island, the group acquired a camper van, a hand-drawn map of ski resorts, and an incredible lust for the local cuisine. The group then set a winding course on the south island of New Zealand in an epic quest for skiing, sight-seeing and one pie to rule them all.

LINE Traveling Circus 5.4 The Loonies

by TravelingCircus
Jan 2013 - 25.9K views

Andy finds a magical roadmap leading to the Pacific Northwest; The TC van treks across black ice, packs of angry dogs, and gas station pizza to meet up with Cole Drexler and Max Hill before returning to the legendary Rail Gardens of Salt Lake City.