Visions of Summer

by theA6ENCY
Jan 2012 - 754 views

Late November and early December turned out to be more Summer like than we would have hoped. Never the less we still made good with what we had. Filmed at Blue Mountain and various urban spots. Keep in mind that the majority of the footage in our edits is B-Footy as we are saving our best shots for our year end movie yet to be titled.

LowLight Cruisin'

by theA6ENCY
Feb 2012 - 1.2K views

Grey day at Blue Mountain, ON. Not much snow, therefore not much urban. Pray for some snow and enjoy the show! Featuring Pat Zink, Jeremy Proctor & Max Vidricaire. 2012 Metropolis Media. Shot by the riders and cut by Max. Shot on a Nikon d5100 with kit 18-55mm lens. Comments and ratings much appreciated!


by theA6ENCY
Jun 2012 - 7.6K views

A recap of my 2011-2012 ski season. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who filmed me, mainly Cameron Keith, Brock Grossman, and Jeremy Harvey. I had a great season despite the bad weather in Ontario. I hope you thoroughly enjoy this video. Filmed on: Canon (T2i,T3i, HFS-100) Nikon (d5100). Edited by myself in FCP & AE Song: "Ambition (Ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross)" - Wale Final shout out to Coreupt, Joystick, Planks, and Squire John's for decking me out this season! Thanks, Max Vidricaire

Raw Recap 2012: Cam Keith

by theA6ENCY
Jun 2012 - 956 views

Heres a look at the footage managed to get in between filming and winter being extremely short and bitter in Ontario. Tried to go for that "skate edit vibe" I was lucky enough to win a trip out to SunPeaks for Easter and without it this edit may have not been possible! Had a Blast this winter and hope next winter will be even better! Thanks to Mark @ Squire Johns, Justin @ Bucktheads, Bill @ Nordica, and Alex @ Swany

BEACH Season

by theA6ENCY
Jul 2013 - 1.1K views

Summer is here, and we were all too poor for summer camp. But that never stops us. Havin fun in the sun this summer on the Whistler glacier with the boys

2013 - Cam Keith

by theA6ENCY
Aug 2013 - 751 views

shots from the 2012/13 season, finding myself behind the camera alot more but pretty happy with what i managed to throw together! Thanks for the support and hope you enjoy.

Cam Keith - Simple

by theA6ENCY
Oct 2014 - 3.4K views

Another season in Whistler has passed. Having a fair share of injuries was something that was new to me in skiing last winter. But as time goes on skiing just gets better and better and this season was one to beat, with or without snow. Seemed to do much of the filming this season and with my laptop calling it quits i couldn't be happier to have something to show! Took it easy this year and had a blast doing what i do. I wonder what ill do next year, simple...