Tramp Thugacation

by JArens
Jun 2008 - 10.8K views

Trampoline Thugacation, featuring: Jason Arens, Ryan Martin, and Matt Levins doing flippy spinny trampoline stunts. AFTERBANG!!

The Lion's Den Teaser 2010

by JArens
Sep 2010 - 5.1K views

A short look into our 09|10 season filled with lots of good times, snow, and friends, filmed in Lake Tahoe and its surrounding areas.

This ski|snowboarding movie was shot in HD, including a 7D, brought to you by Tall Treez Design.​pages/​Tall-Treez-Design/​ 102005968866

featuring the talents of Nick Poohachoff, Jamie Anderson, Kyle Smaine, Colby Albino, Ty Dayberry, Billy Garcia, Jason Arens, Ben Schmitt, Garrett Gibb, Jeff Harvey, Sal Rubio, Tim Rechetniak, and friends!