Backyard Sessions 12.20.2009

by drwclrk
Dec 2009 - 4K views

With recent snowfalls, Charlie and I decided to have some fun shredding a rail we built in his backyard. This is my first "real" edit, and I would appreciate comments on filming/editing/skiing, etc..

Two Days in March (GoPro)

by drwclrk
Apr 2010 - 5.9K views

Over our spring break we hit up what was left of the Wachusett terrain park. Granted, we might not have the biggest bags of tricks or the freshest skis on the market, but good times were had! Comments on skiing/filming/editing are welcome and appreciated.

Filmed completely on a GoPro HD 720p at 60fps

Early Season 2010 GoPro

by drwclrk
Nov 2010 - 4.7K views

We're so clever. Opening Day skiing at Wachusett Mountain! No features were available, but the snow wasn't bad and we always have fun. Filmed with a GoPro 720p @ 60fps