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Smith Limo Rail Jam at Cranmore

by *mSirois-k2Pubz*
Feb 2007 - 5.1K views

A little bit of footage shot at the Smith Limo Rail Jam at Cranmore, NH. 13-17 skiier results: 1st - Colin Sirois, 2nd - Sheldon Pope, 3rd - Curtis Bolduc. 18 and over skiier results: 1st - Ben ?, 2nd - Rob Remmes, 3rd - Scott Cardoza.

Waterville: A Short Ski Film by Michael Sirois

by *mSirois-k2Pubz*
Jan 2007 - 6.8K views

Directed, filmed, and edited by Michael Sirois. Shot on location at Waterville, NH. Edited with FCP. Featuring Nick and Chris Moustafa, Colin Sirois, Rob Remmes, Josh Milewski and Mike Stacks. Shot on 16:9 widescreen. Original frame size of 400x225. Supposed to be compressed with H.264, but it was taking too long so I decided to compress the footage with the old Quicktime compressor. It messed up some titles and made the quality worse. Then, google video takes it a step further and makes the quality even worse. Bare with me--the original file has great quality.

Young Gun Open (YGO) + Stratton, VT

by *mSirois-k2Pubz*
Mar 2006 - 9.6K views

A lot of footage from the last stop of the YGO Tour at Stratton, VT. So many kids threw it down it was insane. This video basically goes in alphabetical order, 3 different songs, a few names of riders in there too. If you have any questions then ask me.

Bradford Has Tons of Snow!!!

by *mSirois-k2Pubz*
Jan 2006 - 6.9K views

As you can see, our local hill is packed with champagne powder 24/7. This is all we can do with Bradford, and I'm not posting this video for the masses of Newschoolers "haters" that act like little biznitches by saying crap. So, if you don't like the movie than keep your mouth shut.

Chris Moustafa

by *mSirois-k2Pubz*
Jan 2006 - 6.1K views

This is Chris Moustafa from Merrimac, MA, ripping "Mount" Bradford up. He's one of the group of little skiiers tearin up the place. I'll have more edits for the other kids soon.

little trampoline edit

by *mSirois-k2Pubz*
Apr 2005 - 3.7K views

this is my 3rd edit ever so if u dont like the editing im sorry, but i jus thought i should post this cuz i had nothin else to do. anyway, if u hate it, jus comment saying its bad, dont be like "you guys are faggots" lol thanks