Summer Ski 2017

by raw_dawgg
Sep 2017 - 2.6K views

I tried the summer setup thing for the first time this year. Despite the endless frustration, I managed to have a pretty good time and learned a few new tricks.

Shout out to Travis, Carson and Ben for coming to shred and contributing shots!


by raw_dawgg
Mar 2018 - 1.1K views

Lonesome Pine's finest rippin around back in January....

Skiers (in order of appearance):
-Travis Boyington
-Trevor Carter
-Rowan Stamp
-Pat-Rick Daigle

All 8

by raw_dawgg
Apr 2018 - 1K views

Not really a big accomplishment these days, but I'm hyped I finally got around to learning the rest of these! (ones a bit washed, fuck it)